How to Recharge Your Battery

Have you upgraded your iPhone to the new iOS? I did. I don’t mind it, but it certainly is draining my battery life. I mean, I’ve really been quite tethered to my charger. Why batteries can’t last all day is beyond me… I’m lucky if I make it to 4pm.
The other day, I was running to Starbucks for a grande coffee because I was hitting “The 4pm Wall.” Simultaneously, my iPhone was on its last leg.
We all have little tricks we do to get our iPhone to last a little longer. Closing open applications, letting your phone drain completely before charging fully again, turning off the Wifi and Bluetooth, dimming the screen… You know you do it.
But what about recharging our own batteries. So what can you do when you hit The 4pm Wall to get your battery to last a little bit longer? Working from home and running around town from meeting to meeting has been a little challenging to adjust to. Sometimes I’m so tempted to just grab my laptop and work in bed. (Which happened a couple of times and I one time I woke up 45 minutes later… whoops.) Here are some of my strategies and I’d love to hear yours.
(Also, of course, I scheduled this post on Friday. Friday afternoons are the worst to get through #amirightoramiright?)
Oh, and this list doesn’t include coffee.

ONE // Go for a Walk

I normally make my walks end with a stop into Starbucks. But just getting out of my apartment (or office) can help. I like to walk briskly. Get the blood flowing. This is great when I’m exhausted and stressed. It gets out the bad energy and clears my mind to make room for good energy. Bad energy? Makes me tired. Good energy? Makes me want to #Hustle.
TWO // Check Something Off on the “Personal List”

Am I the only one who gets things checked off my work list and completely neglects my personal list? The personal list grows and grows. I had a pile of dry cleaning waiting by my door for a solid two weeks before I finally took it to the dry cleaner. And then I took another week to pick it up. I always feel more energized when I’m getting stuff done, but when I’m unmotivated by the task at hand… it’s the opposite. Switching gears to the personal side will make sure you’re still getting things done. A nice (productive) break. Call your mom, do a load of laundry, return that dress that doesn’t fit, run an errand you’ve been putting off.
THREE // Drink Water (or Juice)

No coffee? No problem. Maybe you’re tired because you just are a little dehydrated. Dehydration can actually affect your anxiety levels. I also kind of have that fixation of needing coffee. But do I really need the coffee or am I just looking for something to do? (Same thing for my little “snacking” problem. Whoops!) Sometimes I need a little extra energy and a fresh squeezed juice (Juice Generation’s Daily Detox is awesome) is just what the doctor ordered.
FOUR // Take Break without Turning Your Brain Off

Sometimes I need to just stop working and give my brain a break. Reading a chapter of a book can accomplish this, but if it’s too good of a book I get sucked in! One little game of Sudoku and my brain is still on and I feel like I can jump right into my next real task. Sudoku is my personal go-to, but a crossword puzzle might be more up your alley. 
FIVE // Take a Power Pose

Power poses can be used to give yourself a boost of confidence. I definitely recommend watching Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk about power poses. I’ve been known to pop into the bathroom and stand (feeling somewhat ridiculous) in the wonder woman stance. But, whatdoyouknow, I walk out standing a little taller a bit more on top of the world. Yep. I think it also gets the blood circulating more… kind of like a walk, but way better when you don’t have a lot of time. Take the 120 seconds to get back on top with a simple power pose. Then get back to work!

Things to avoid:
Sitting someplace too comfortable.
Anything that can “suck you in” (e.g. Youtube, Pinterest, an amazing book)
Snacking to snack (eat if you’re genuinely hungry!)
Shopping– even of the online sort
Hopefully you’ll be up and running with all sorts of extra energy. What are your tips for recharging your batteries?

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Kelsey McDonald

I second the music as a recharge tip! I often listen to music while I work, and even just changing to a different playlist sometimes helps me get back into a groove (pun intended).



Thank you! I usually recharge by doing some reading not related to work/school and drinking lots of water. It's amazing how dehydration can happen without even realizing.


I ALWAYS have this problem in the afternoon, and then when I get home, I sadly have to snap out of it and get ready for class. I have found that sometimes the only thing that gets me ready for 4 hours of Law School is a shower or powernap, and a diet coke for class.

Music at work, and a quick walk down to other departments is key for getting over my 2pm slump!


Cassandra French

One thing to do for a productive break: – You answer questions on a subject of your choice (vocabulary, foreign languages, geography, chemistry, and more!) and for every question you get right, Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program! Giving your brain a little boost AND doing some good for the world? It's perfect!

Haintso Rakouth

I love doing a few stretches or yoga poses to refuel myself.
also twisting/pinch my earlobes helps relieve that little headache I get from overworking and putting my hands in front of my eyes to let my eyes relax helps out.

Skye von Achen

That TED talk was just what I needed this week, thank you! I kept seeing those powerless poses and thinking "Oh gosh, I do that!" I'll be Wonder Woman posing in the bathroom from now on.


love this post. I was in definite need of a list like this since I have gone back to work after my mat leave. Thanks for the great post,