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TWO // Miley Cyrus

Here’s the thing. I really like Miley Cyrus. I think she’s talented. I watched Hannah Montana (seriously). I’ve seen all of her movies (even LOL). I think she’s legitimately talented. Don’t believe me? Her videos of “The Backyard Sessions” are incredible. “Jolene” is just so good. She’s definitely not the poppy artist that Hannah Montana was. And “The Climb” is definitely one of my favorite songs.

But whatever’s going on right now is just… not okay. I respect her for really just going for it (I mean, I think it would take some serious guts and self-confidence to be that undressed on a wrecking ball for the entire world to see?) But she’s talented and doesn’t need to be naked to be getting that kind of attention. Right?! Did you read Sinéad O’Connor’s letter to Miley? I think it’s a good read no matter where you stand on the Miley issue. Many of the things that Miley is facing in terms of decisions being “her idea” versus what “the industry” is telling her to be is something that women everywhere face all the time. Yes, we may choose to wear tight little skirts and heels with a platform toe. It’s our right to choose, it’s our idea to purchase and then wear…. but is it? Or are we wearing those things in that way because that’s what we think men want from us?

What Miley, a twenty year old, is going through is what we all go through… just on a quite bigger stage. It’s October; Halloween is at the end of the month. Think of the costumes of choice for college (and even high school) parties. We can decide what we want to be… right? (… or do we dress in those literal costumes for someone else?)

(I really recommend that everyone read the letter.)

THREE // Coast to Coaster Set

How adorable are these coasters? Choose between the West, Gulf, or the East coast. Ha.

FOUR // Red Panda vs. The Pumpkin

Need a pick-me-up? This is the cutest thing I’ve seen on the internet ALL WEEK LONG. I mean, how absolutely adorable is this little guy?! Happy October!

I love Christine Hassler. I just love her books and I love her perspective. She popped into my life at a time when I was desperate for someone like her and I’m so glad she did. My friends know that I love her and send along the things they think I will like. My friend Maxie sent me this post from The Daily Love. You know that giddy feeling when you’re with someone you really like? Like you could simply float away and you’re completely distracted and everything is a little brighter and funnier and sweeter and just better… What about that feeling when it’s over? It’s sinking and disruptive. Christine Hassler has a great perspective on this
Anything on your radar that you want to share?

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Jessie Springer

I can't wait to take advantage of the Tory Burch sale!! It's just always so difficult to narrow down which items to get from my looong wish list! 🙂


Fairy Princess Jord

I love your perspective on Miley, I've been sort of confused lately because I also love her but there has been SO much "slut shaming" going on that it has been my natural instinct just to defend her. In reality I don't think everything she has done or worn is right or classy, but i also don't like the way the world sort of just exploded and chastised her. I think it would be really difficult to be in the position she is in, part of the world is telling her she's wrong and she should go back to being the cute little 12 year old version of herself and part of the world is telling her that in order to be something she has to be a sex object. It's a tough position to be in.


I also agree with you about Miley, but honestly she's not the first (and won't be the last) star to go nude. It's harder for conservative people (myself included) to get that its somewhat normal for SoCal stars to be more sexualized in order to sell whatever it is they sell. I think a lot of people think wayyyy to much into to it and look for 'symbolism' and such, when honestly Miley's just trying to have a big shock value in order to sell more music. I would never want my little sister to have her as a role model, but I think that we all make our own values.

AJ | TheAJMinute


Absolutely. That's the point though. She's doing it to sell and then to make money… but at the end of the day she's not the only one cashing out… which is the issue that Sinéad brings up.

Maureen McCarthy

Oh, that post from Christine Hassler is so perfect and exactly what I needed to hear. When I read the line "but it wasn't their job to stay." it just kind of clicked. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Julia D.

While I personally wouldn't do what Miley is doing, I certainly don't believe in or condone shaming her. I think to chalk up her actions as being entirely dictated by a patriarchal/sexist media-saturated culture and her record label completely removes her agency in the situation. By all accounts she doesn't seem to be forced into this and saying that she obviously must be acting this way for men (why can't she be doing it for herself) removes the possibility that women can be sexual beings for their own choosing. My other problem is this focus on this aspect of her behaviour rather than the things that are actually problematic like the blatant racism in her videos, the may she seems to turn black women into accessories, and her cultural appropriation of twerking. Sinead O'Connor is an amazing woman, and I agree with her on a lot of points, but I think she misses a lot of important points.

Sarah Hafley

I'm so with you on the Miley Cyrus thing. She has such a gorgeous, powerful voice, and could be used so beautifully in songs that suit her. If you take away the naked music video, "Wrecking Ball" is really pretty good. She's one of the few singers who actually sing, rather than autotune-rap. Its so sad to watch because she doesn't need any of this to get attention – her voice/talent would do that for her.


I totally agree about Miley being sooo talented- I really hate the slut-shaming 🙁 I think it's really unfair Lady Gaga can be naked but not ok for Miley to…

shoes i'll never have

Omg can we talk about how adorable that red panda is…
In terms of Miley, I think she can do better for herself. If she wanted to make a statement, or empower/express herself, there are so many other, more viable ways to do it. She should let her music and talent speak for itself, because the nudity ends up just distracting from it. Wrecking Ball is an amazingly powerful song, and yet it ends up just getting parodied because she took away its emotion and replaced it with sexuality. It's just sad that she thinks that's what's empowering her.