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Why does it seem like children these days have the best style in the world? Honestly, when I was seven, I was over the moon happy with a pair of jeans from Gap and a Lands’ End shirt. #TheEnd
No Instagram. No posing. No designer lines… Just normal. Grass stains on the knees and messy ponytails.
Gosh, but I mean these kids are stylin’. I’m taking some cues from this little one in particular.
I’m pretty sure this is from El Lagarto Esta Llorando.
Yes, please.
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i want her shirt. plaid and a bow? sign me up! luckily, being short has it advantages and i can shop in the kids department.

Jessica Randall

I wore that EXACT outfit ( I have that shirt and the black hunters!) apple picking a few weeks ago!!! It was perfect for trekking through the orchard 🙂