How to Tap Into Your Creative Self

I was just saying to a friend that one of the best parts of my childhood was the arts and crafts table my mom had set up in our basement. It was fully stocked with an endless supply of crayons, markers, spin art, glitter, sand art, puffy paint… you name it, we had it. My sister and I could spend hours down there being creative and having fun. 
Maxie is here this week sharing some of her tips on how to tap into your creative self. Even if you lost it somewhere after childhood, it’s still in there!
How to Tap Into Your Creative Self
Guest Post by Maxie McCoy
Remember when you were a kid and would draw, paint, sidewalk chalk anything your little heart dreamed of? It didn’t matter if it was green crayon squiggles or finger painting on that awful manilla construction paper. Your creations were the bomb dot com.
You were creative. Uninhibited. Free to let your magic flow. And proud of it. 
Creativity is something I’ve identified with less and less and less as I’ve gotten older. I’ve never considered myself creative. Even though I’m a writer and can move someone to tears with with a perfectly executed transition… Creative? Negative.
But creative is something I am. And you are too. We all are. It doesn’t mean being Picasso with a paint brush. It means tapping into that magical, intuitive side of yourself that sees things differently. It means summoning your imagination. The more you’re creative, the more easily you’ll ideate, the better problem solver you’ll be from the small things to the big ones, and the quicker you’ll jump to that place outside of the box.
Creativity breeds creations– like this. Whether you’re into creative hobbies or not, there’s a few fun and (easy) ways to bring more creativity into your life:
Get a coloring book: a few weeks ago I picked up this coloring book and some super snazzy markers. I wanted to be able to tune out for a bit and do something different. I cannot tell you how fun it is to sit with a coloring book and just get lost within the lines. It’s a beautiful teacher in letting go of the need to be perfect (because you won’t be). I’m currently coloring The Mandala Coloring Book with Tombow markers, and there’s nothing better than seeing the final, imperfectly dazzling creation.
Get lost at a museum: physical things carry energy. And what better way to be literally surrounded by creative, imaginative energy than by viewing great artistic works. Whether its famous installations at the Met or a local showcase with artists no one knows, wander around art. View the creations from different vantage points. Sit and stare. Spend time with the creativity of the past.
Write a poem: writing a rhyming poem is so random and so fun. I got a little whim to write poetry last year and felt such a freedom to be dramatic. Especially for any of you writers out there, it frees you up from the mundane. It unblocks the momentum of word choice. And you being to look at writing with a slightly different lens. And at the end of the day, you have a poem. Something you probably haven’t done since trying out haiku in 5th grade. 
Cook sans recipe: I’m the worst cook ever. But anytime I get into the kitchen with someone who’s got mad skills, getting to throw in spices and ingredients that simply feel like they’d taste right is such an interesting version of creation. Who cares if it doesn’t turn out awesome? Most likely it’ll turn out just fine, and you’ll see a physical product of what it means to go rogue on structure. (But if you’re not wanting to take that risk, co-cook with someone who knows their way around the stovetop.)
Start small. Start Anywhere. Doing more creative things in your life and it will change the way you go about your days- opening your mind up to imagination and possibility. Soon, your creativity will find itself everywhere. 

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White Cabana

I'm so amused by the adult colouring books that have hit the market in recent months. I have a fashion one from a few years back, and it's been great, but I need to find more time to let my mind wander and just escape into the world of colour!

Audrey Lin

I used to write the most ridiculous poems when I was little. I still love looking back at them 🙂 Thanks for the tip about coloring books! They're not just for children! Or maybe they are but we're all children 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's