Strawberry Fields Forever

I always have tons of ideas on what I want to do: activities to be done, places to visit, vacations to book. But I’m actually pretty terrible at planning these things. I get intimidated at the thought of planning and then I feel overwhelmed pretty quickly. Most of the time, I find myself putting off said activities and plans until I feel more ready to tackle the planning. I’ve had years of summer bucket lists go uncompleted because of this. And I’ve decided to really get aggressive with my planning. 
First up: strawberry picking.
After researching various farms’ websites and Facebook pages, I realized as I started my planning that strawberry season was in full force, but that it didn’t last for that long. I seized the opportunity and decided that we should go this past weekend.
Fishkill Farms is only a little over an hour outside of the city and looked gorgeous in the photos I saw online. Turned out to be the perfect choice– I want to go back to pick apples there in the fall!
On the website I noticed there was a festival going on the day we planned to go, but I thought, how crowded could it get?! Very. By the time we got there, the very last of the strawberries were being picked. But the farm had just opened the cherry trees for picking! So our strawberry picking trip turned into a cherry picking trip.
I knew it would be warm, but… um, it was extremely hot out. Garrett and I both sunburned and I was (literally) dripping with sweat by the time we finished picking. A light and comfortable dress with a sunhat was the perfect outfit choice.
It was really, really nice to get out of the city to enjoy this beautiful farm. It seriously makes me want to ditch city life altogether and buy a country house. (Definitely spent the drive home on the Zillow app…)
It’s like a real life game of Hi-Ho Cherry-O. I knew cherries grew on trees, but I’ve never seen it in person. So many cherries! Even though we went for strawberries, I think the cherries were even better. We ate about an entire carton on the drive home.
We cheated and bought some pre-picked strawberries from a neighboring farm. So good!
Striped Dress (runs large) // Sunhat (sold out, but this one is super similar) // Monogrammed Necklace // Vintage Bracelet (similar) // Hunter Boots

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Audrey Lin

Loving the second vertical picture and the third to last picture 🙂 The last time I went fruit picking was over fall break. The swim team and I went to an apple orchard at the end of our training trip, but we ended up picking pumpkins instead haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Samantha Kay

Cute outfit! My boyfriend and I went blueberry picking and I wore a bandana. Everyone thought I looked like a farmer, but really I was just having a bad hair day 😛

Morning Lux


This is such a cute look!! There are tons of cherry farms in Wisconsin and my family and I go a lot in the summer because nothing beats fresh picked cherries 🙂

Annie N Belle

Jordyn Brown

I guess I always take it for granted that we have neighbors next door to us that grow and sell strawberries each year…my birthday was this past weekend and my mother in law made a strawberry cake with the fresh berries-it was the best!

xoxo, SS

The Southern Stylista


Unfortunately, many of the cute fruit and vegetable farms near me are quite far out of the city 🙁 I'm definitely planning a day trip dedicated to making the drive and having a blast with my sisters. What a cute throwback-to-childhood kinda outing!