Navy // Black

I rarely mix browns/blacks/navys. Maybe I’ll wear brown riding boots with black leggings, but even then I feel a little weird. Navy and black seems so… contradictory! I have a handful of black shoes and black handbags to match and a handful of navy shoes with navy handbags to match. No mixing.
Until I saw these riding boots. And I absolutely believe that I may be officially converted to a navy and black mixer. I mean, these pieces are beyond perfect. Who knew navy and black could be so chic?
Do I want all of the above? Yes.
Do you mix navy and black?


PS These Hunter rainboots (navy and black, of course) are amazing!!

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I love navy and black together. As with brown and black. I don't know, to me they're still all neutrals. Of course, certain shades look better with others but I still don't follow that rule, really.


I generally hate navy and black as well, but all of the pieces you picked are gorgeous!!! Maybe I will start to embrace the color combo.



after reading this I looked down and realized I was wearing a navy shirt under a brown tank top with black denim … I definitely don't follow that rule hahahaha but I guess it depends on your complexion.


How cute!! It actually looks really nice! My problem with black & navy is…I always think I'm buying clothes with navy & white stripes. BUT, it always turns out to be black & white! Am I color blind or what?

xo, B

Anna Boyd

I never used to mix black/navy/browns but now i'm obsessed! I have a tortoise shell watch which I feel helps me bring in both my browns and blacks or leopard print shoes. I think that as long as you have an item that mixes the two colors then you can definitely break that fashion rule! Rules are meant to be broken, right? 🙂



I always hear never to do this, but everything in the post totally works! It's kind of a "thing" now and it can look really chic.


The key to mixing black and navy is to make sure the shades are different enough that it looks intentional and not like you did it because you thought no one would notice.