I bought something from J. Crew

Wait…. What?
And not just one thing, but two?
NO.  YES!!!!
Here’s the thing.  J. Crew is obviously not back to the “old J. Crew” standards.  But, I think I may be beginning to like the New Crew.
The spring collection seems much more toned down than previous New Crew seasons (i.e. no sequin capris).  And color is slowly being reintroduced to the store.
Flipping through the most recent catalog left me wanting to run to the store (whereas a few months ago I was running to the trash can).
Sporty Sister made her way up to DC (more on that later) and we, of course, shopped.  And J. Crew was the last of the stores to hit up.  I did not leave empty handed.
Dying!!! It has this thin little black cord that ties at the neck.  I think this can work as a good seasonal transition piece.  Black leggings and boots now…. With short chino shorts in the spring…. Over a bathing suit in the summer!
Oh, I’m just a sucker for a baseball tee!  I’m thinking a long necklace (pearls or sparkles… can’t decide), with skinny jeans and mocassins!  The boyish/girlish mix.  Kind of my new obsession.
This is a cute crewcuts shirt that Little V got me for Christmas!  It’s so so so cute!
Anyone else planning on breaking the New Crew boycott?

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I bought the blouse as well when I was home for break! I also got the 3/4 length sleeve button down…the strtch material is perfect for swimmer shoulders. And Im loving you can fit in crewcuts….im a medium i wonder if i would fit or what that would be equivalent to…


I just bought a t-neck sweater and pencil skirt during their 40% off extravaganza, but I think those were the first things I've bought from the Crew in almost a year! I think we're at the turning point…


I LOVE the striped tee!
& I must say, I am a big fan of the new J Crew. Ive always been a sequin girl… But I enjoy hearing your opinions.


I've been eying the Bevin Blouse since I got the catalog… I may have just been inspired to indulge myself. I'd have to agree with you, though; they definitely did a good job with the January catalog. Can't wait to see the spring collection!

living well

That blouse is so pretty. I've been slowly warming back up to JCrew too. I got a navy and white striped top there a couple weeks ago and was surprised to see several other things in the store I also wanted!

Mandy Fatemi

I've been working at JCrew and I have to say that for the first time in a few months, I actually really like the new stuff that comes in every week! The sailor striped sweater is a big hit right now- it's sold out online until March 17th but Georgetown just got in a shipment last Thursday.