Winter Blues- Snow Shoes

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There are so many things that I love about the snow.
I love how the whole street seems super quiet and muted after a snowfall.
I love watching snow accumulate on branches.
I love the comfort of sitting in a warm house while it snows outside.
I do not like, however, not being able to wear cute shoes.
Wrong.  Well, sort of.
You see, you may not be able to wear Kate Spade heels through the snow.  Or Tory Burch flats.
But you can wear stylish boots!
Case in point.
Winter Blues
Tall lace up bean boots
Hunter Wellingtons (with socks)
and The North Face booties
I think, by nature, shoes meant for snow can look a little masculine.  The trick to pulling them off without looking “frumpy” is to play with feminine features.
A Patagonia vest and bean boots suddenly looks girly when matched with a pleated woven skirt over tights.
Corduroys (preferably form fitting) and Hunter boots appear softer in lighter colors and paired beneath a frilly sweater.
Comfortable, but plain, booties give you a bounce in your step, but its really the statement necklace that pulls the look together.
Don’t let winter blues get you down!!!  Play around with feminine features to dress up snow appropriate shoes!

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love bean boots and leggings! so cute with that plaid skirt, i'm certain!

ps-tagged you in an award..love your blog too much!