I Don’t Know How She Does It

I really have a thing for going to the movies alone.  The twenty minute walk down to the theatre, getting  popcorn and a Diet Coke, sitting in the dark waiting for the previews to begin.  It’s honestly the best thing.  I like to go to restaurants alone as well, but I always get weird looks… in the movies, no one really pays attention.
Soccer Mom and I were on the phone and she mentioned that I Don’t Know How She Does It had a special release all over the country.  I checked, and it was playing in the Georgetown AMC!!!  I bought my ticket and pretty much had to head straight over.  Normally, pre-showings are always packed.  I was surprised that it was only 3/4 full.
The movie was SO good.  I never laugh out loud if I’m by myself, but honestly I was cracking up throughout the entire movie.  Everyone in the audience was laughing.  I even cried a little bit.
I was worried that Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn’t be right for the “Mom roles” just yet, but she was amazing!!!  Seriously, I think she did a great job.  Actually, all the characters were great.  (I especially love Momo!)
The movie does a great job challenging, discussing, and exploring gender roles in 2011.  I wasn’t really expecting that at all; I thought it would solely be about how this mom balances working and being a mom.
Everyone should go see it!  As much as I loved The Help, I think this movie may be my most favorite this year!
PS SJP’s character wore bow blouses all the time!!!
PPS There are tons of rowing stuff in the background of the movie!  Little figurines, boats, and pictures!

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I love SJP and have been thinking about going to see this movie! You have definitely convinced me to check it out!!


Ok #1: I too luv luv luv taking myself on a date to a movie.
#2: I'm am so glad you that you posted about this movie. I listened to the audiobook about a year ago ( yes I am a complete nerd) and I loved it. However the book was set in England ( which is why I loved it), and the movie is set in America, I'm always afraid of being disappointed with movies widely base on books, but I adore SJP. Needless to say I was torn. So thanks for the heads up gonna go see it!

Legally Brunette Kate

I really want to see this movie…I've seen the previews a few times and it looks great. I'm kind of surprised that it isn't getting more buzz than it is.


I really want to see this movie! I might have to take myself, too. 🙂 And now I'll have to look out for some rowing things!


glad to hear the movie was good– to be honest i was a bit skeptical that it would be. And i agree, i love to go places by myself. Don't get me wrong i love to go places with people as well, but there is something very relaxing about going out to a little cafe, just you and a good book, or great pair of sunnies to people watch with.


So glad to hear a good review!! I love SJP so I knew as soon as I saw the preview that I'd want to see it. Also, I really want to try that whole going to the movie thing by myself. I started to love eating lunch by myself outside during my lunch breaks at work (although I won't get to be outside for much longer) but it's such a nice quiet "me-time" break!