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Maybe it’s because my middle name is Abigail, but I’ve always wanted to have an advice column like “Dear Abby.”  My tumblr has turned into one variation of an advice column, but I have something even better now!  (This is also a valuable lesson in networking, so listen up!)   Remember how last semester I took the most amazing class ever (Entrepreneurship)?  One of the assignments was to interview three entrepreneurs.  I interviewed Allen of Campus Splash, Peter & Austin of Smathers & Branson, and Cameron Winklevoss (of the Winklevi twins!).   Each interview went great, and I learned sooooo much!!!  Allen, however, and I really connected, probably because we’re both students in the DC area.  We’ve maintained communication and let each other know what’s going on with our various endeavors.  (Although, I must say, Allen does way cooler thing than me!)   While briefly visiting his office and meeting his interns, Allen asked if I wanted my own “topic” on Campus Splash!  Obviously, I agreed!   Splash   Look!!!  Go check it out and ask me all sorts of questions!!! (I should mention, Campus Splash is a great place for high schoolers to figure out things about college, college students to answer questions, and college students to ask their own questions!)   Eep!!!  Please ask questions!  I’m so excited!   Huge thank you to Allen.  You guys have no idea how cool it is to know someone like him.  He’s amazing.  And it all spawned from a class assignment- who would have thought!   xoxo   PS Rate your study abroad program and win a massive cupcake party for your school!!!!

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Annica Benning

This is fantastic!! Congratulations! How did you go about picking the people to interview and then contacting them? Did your professor already have a list with contact information?


Wow, great networking there, Carly! That's so exciting; I always like reading your answers on tumblr, because you do give great advice.