pussybow blouse

I’m getting super excited for the new season of Glee.  I really like Glee, but ever since watching The Glee Project I’m way more into it.
Besides the whole show, song, and dance thing… I can’t wait to see Emma’s wardrobe!!!  It’s always so spot on.  I love how her outfits are modern, yet vintage.  Somehow at the exact same time.  
Channeling Emma, I have been seeing these pussybow blouses everywhere.  Every time we saw one this summer (namely when we were shopping in Kate Spade), Soccer Mom would point it out and reminisce about how she always wanted one.
Every single time.
Well, who can blame her… They’re pretty adorable.
I love the style as a dress, a little different.
Plain white
How cute would this one be under a blazer?
I love the long bow!
Who else is excited for Glee?  What Emma styles are your favorite?

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I can't wait for Glee either!! I love always being able to spot out when Emma is wearing kate spade 🙂

Anna H

I have a brown and white polka dot tie neck blouse that I haven't worn in years. After reading this, I think I'm going to have to pull it back out!


I'm always scared of buying blouses like these, for fear of looking too young! That Juicy Couture one definitely caught my eye, though! You're totally right; it would look great under a blazer!


I've been wanting to buy one of these for a long time, and I think that I may have reached my breaking point! Also, I totally agree about loving Emma's style in general; she always looks adorable!


carly colette patterns just released a great new fall pattern that has a pussybow. you should check it out. i'm planning buying a few patterns so i can make some new additions to my closet!