I love giving gifts! PART 2

Hey y’all! I’m on my winter training trip for crew right now. I haven’t had time to catch up on all of your blog posts, but don’t worry, once I get back to school I’ll spend an hour or so reading up.

I was planning on doing this post before I left home, but I was so busy running errands around town getting ready that I just completely ran out of time. It’s so freezing here in South Carolina that it’s refreshing to do a post on short sleeve t-shirts.

Okay, so last post was about the gifts I bought for my family and friends. (All gifts have been given and I’ve received only good remarks about them!) This post is about the gifts I made for my Florida friends. I miss them so much while I’m at school.

All the shirts together!

I started making fabric yo-yos, but I ended up switching to a different fabric flower.
Real Quick:

  1. Take a strip of fabric. I started with 3″ x 20″ and then experimented with different lengths and widths. Longer strips make tighter folds, and shorter widths makes smaller flowers.
  2. Fold the strip in half (hot dog way). I pressed a heavy book against the edge to make a crease. It might have even been easier if I had ironed the crease though.
  3. Pick an embroidery floss in a similar color to the fabric. It won’t show in your final product, but just in case you get a loose end, it looks nicer. I split the floss in half so I had three strings per flower.
  4. Start sewing along the edge opposite the fold. Keep going until you get to the other end. Instead of knotting, pull the thread taut so the fabric scrunches down.
  5. Find the other end and tack the two ends together. It took a couple of tries to figure out the way I liked it best, but fiddle around a bit and sew the two ends completely together to make a full circle of the flower.
  6. Layer the fabric flowers and adorn with buttons

I’m thinking that they would look super cute on a headband!

For my Melly- Pink and green (this is my personal favorite. I mean, hello, PINK & GREEN!)

Mack Girl’s Florida blue and orange.

Maddog is a Georgia Tech yellow jacket. I love the buttons!

Lefty is also a Florida Gator. I used a navy blue though instead of the royal blue. I think the grosgrain ribbon was a fun touch.

I didn’t get a good picture of the other two, but if you click on the picture and expand it, you can get a good look at them. The first one is Les’ (UF) and the next one is Bebe’s (Auburn).

I had so much fun making all the shirts!!!

-College Prepster

PS I might not be back until next week!!!

PPS Here is what I got Little V: Dogeared Necklace

She checked my blog, so I’m really glad I didn’t mention it in the last post!!!

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The shirts are adorable!!! Such a great gift idea! I love the dogeared necklace as well, I am going to look into buying one for myself! Stay warm! xoxo