I love giving gifts! PART 1

Picking out gifts is one of my favorite things to do. I love to put a lot of thought into finding the perfect gift. (I’m pretty good at picking out perfect gifts for myself too haha just kidding!)

I like to get stuff that I know the recipient will use. How many times have you gotten a nice present, but put it in a drawer because it ‘wasn’t you’ or you know you would never use it??? I hate when that happens.

Sometimes the best gifts are small things or homemade things that don’t even cost a lot a money. The value of a gift is NOT the price tag (people often forget this)!

Here’s what I got everyone:

Mom: Georgetown snowy notecards (she LOVES birds) and a Georgetown metal ornament
Dad: Vineyard Vines tie (not the one pictured) Yellow with navy stripe and 18th hole

Sister: (Birthday and Christmas) Necklace and earrings

California Funk: Belt with rowing boat… my favorite gift!!!

Georgetown Boy: Tucker Blair polo

Fordham Prepster: Lolscat book. He’s obsessed. Literally.

A rower friend: Pink Prewrap (he checks my blog once in a blue moon, so cross my fingers he doesn’t check it yet because I haven’t given him the present yet!) He uses prewrap and I knew the blue just wasn’t cutting it. He NEEDS pink.

Wait until y’all see what I made for my Tampa friends!!!!!!!
(Coming Soon!)

-College Prepster

PS I got Little V something too, don’t worry! I just can’t post it because she’s very likely to check this. Here’s a hint though… I mentioned it in “My 2009 Favorites” post.

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I laugh so hard because when I was in high school I was a student athletic trainer and we used to make hair ties out of prewrap all the time! So I almost died when I saw it of the hair sections in stores!

Little Bow Prep

Oh my gosh! The Georgetown Admissions office sent that card to me a few weeks ago after I got in EA. It was handwritten and oh so precious!

Lovely list! Sounds like a hilarious book.