My 2009 Favorites

Here are 10 things I LOVED during 2009 that I will continue to LOVE throughout 2010!

1) Hunter Wellington boots… I got them towards the end of ’09, but I’m already obsessed. I know I will continue to wear them for years to come. I’m not such a huge fan of weird colored ones though. If you’re looking to buy some, stick to the neutral colors. (PLEASE do not get the silver ones. Soccer Mom kept cracking jokes about them looking like the Tin Man’s shoes!)

2) David Yurman Pearl Cable bracelet. It goes with everything. You can wear it with jeans and a tee, or a LBD. They’re also great for layering with other bracelets (I call them stacks). A good investment in the jewelery department in my opinion.

3) Fun headbands! Don’t get me wrong. I love bows and ribbons as much as the next prepster, but fun headbands (like mine from J. Crew) really add a little spice to an outfit. Make sure that a headband does not hurt. I get the idea of wearing shoes that are uncomfortable for fashion, but a bad headband will cause a headache within minutes!

4) FLANNELS. Fordham Prepster is a big fan. And so am I! I have a black and red one and just added this navy and red one to my wardrobe this break. They’re the epitome of casual. Anyone can pull them off! If you’re planning on wearing a flannel with leggings, make sure it’s long enough to cover your bum…. please!

5) GLEE- Seriously is an explanation necessary?

6) Dogeared necklaces. I have a small collection of them, but this one is my FAVORITE. Soccer Mom got it for me during my junior year of high school. I was going through a very difficult time (oh you know, typical high school drama). It seemed like everyone at school hated me (don’t worry, they’ll be kicking themselves in 10 years when they realized the peaked in high school and I’m doing something amazing with my life). I wear this nearly five times a week. It’s my good luck charm!

7) Bath & Body Works’ Warm Vanilla Sugar perfume. I melt a little every time I put it on. And it’s very affordable. I typically pick out a different perfume every school year (it’s so nice to smell an old scent and old memories come flooding back), but I might just stick with WVS for a while!
8) Puffer vests are the best. I wear mine (navy Vineyard Vines) ALL the time. You can verify with California Funk. They go great over J. Crew tissue tees on a chilly day or over a sweatshirt on a cold day. Get one that fits snugly, but has enough room for a sweatshirt. And good pockets are a MUST.

9) Kate Spade shoes. I am in love with Kate Spade. The designs are edgy, but also classic. I have a pair of semi comfortable loafers. And I just got these cuties for a LBD. Surprisingly VERY comfortable (like dancing for 3 hours straight and still no blisters comfortable). They also fit true to size, which is a plus.

10) Classic riding boots. Get out those skinny jeans and stick your toes into these. I basically wear my riding boots almost everyday. I have these brown Tory Burch Jackson riding boots and a pair of black Banana Republic ones. If you don’t already have a pair, get on it!

It’s been quite a year. Better than the last. Can’t wait for 2010!

-College Prepster

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I love Hunter wellies too! I recently got those fleece socks that you can put in them and they are great for making them warmer!


Being a "Poltical Junkie" I just want to tell you my favorite happening of 2009… the inauguration of President Barak Obama…the mass of people attending and following on TV was incredible. The whole world looked upon it as a hope for world peace! May 2010 bring all of us peace. A Very Happy New Year to all!


Love your list Miss Prepster, we are in sync on almost everything! (At our advanced age the cute headbands just would not fly…sigh.)

Sending you Happy New Year wishes!


I think we are the same person! I'm glad I found you! (Or rather you found me!)Here's why I think we're alike, I waited several months for my wellies, glee is my love, and I've had a fascination with David Yurman anything since middle school! Happy New Year!


Wow I think we have the same list of 2009 favorites haha. Love everything and I also have the same Jcrew headband…it's so cute!


Great list! I wear my puffer vest all the time (for those cold California nights 😉 I love David Yurman too. I have earrings and a bracelet.