I was a Gap Kid.

I was totally a Gap kid. But first, something funny:
Little V just posted this picture on my Facebook page:

This was during December of my Freshman year at Georgetown. We were walking back from dinner and it was “snowing.” Her comment: “Remember when you were excited about this amount of snow?” If only I knew how sick of snow I would be in about a year! [PS I borrowed one of the boys’ jackets because I was so cold… that’s why it looks so ill fitting!]

OK- Back to Gap! I couldn’t go a day without wearing something from Gap kids until I was in high school. My elementary school had a uniform of navy jumpers/skirts/pants/shorts and a white blouse. I had a couple jumpers from Lands End, but for the most part, my uniform was always from Gap!

My best friend and I would compare our Gap outfits everyday in the lunch line and see who was wearing the most! We would wear Gap socks, biker shorts (you can’t play on the jungle gym in a jumper without!), navy jumper, peter pan collar blouse, a sweater, and some sort of hair accesory.

Even when I wasn’t at school, I wore Gap all the time! Holiday outfits. First “bra.” Picture day. Bathing suit. Pajamas. Underwear. Headbands. Backpacks. Lunch boxes. It was one stop shopping. Unfortunately, I was way too small to fit into a Size 0 until high school, so I was stuck wearing kids’ clothes. (Ask my mom about the traumatizing back to school shopping of 2001 aka the first year of middle school.)

I just visited their website and saw some really cute things that I would have loved to wear back in the day.

I think everybody had to have one of these sweatshirts. It is still a staple in every kids’ closet. (Psh, I rocked the yellow one with overalls!)

Were you a GAP KID?

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I'm with you on being a gap kid, except no sweatshirts for me. my parents were always pretty strict about wearing clothing with writing on it.


Hmm!!! Getting back to your previous post…how about what your future goals are instead of being stuck in the past…college is only about 2 1/2 give or take years away…so…give us some imput on your future.