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What’s my major? I’m in the business school at Georgetown. I honestly have no idea what I want to major in!!! I’m sort of interested in either Marketing or Management. At this point, I know for an absolute fact that I will most definitely not be majoring in Accounting. Accounting 101 kicked my behind! 102 wasn’t so bad…

What will I do after graduation? Again, I’m not quite sure. I figure that since I have two and a half years before I graduate, I have a lot of time. Two and a half years ago I was starting my senior year of high school. I had no idea where I was even going to go to school. I can see myself doing so many different things after school. I’ve always thought that I was going to open my own stationery company. I’m interested in graphic design and owning my own company. Recently, I’ve thought about how cool it would be to work for Kate Spade. I’m extremely impressed with how they’ve handled the website, the designs, and basically the whole image of the brand! If all else fails, I would work as a tollbooth operator and become a freelance writer and artist!!! Just kidding. Kinda.

What is my typical daily routine? I’m all about routine. My team practices early in the morning before class, so I typically wake up at 6:05. I meet California Funk in the lobby of his dorm (it’s connected to mine) at 6:25 and we walk down to the boathouse together for a 7am practice. After practice, a bunch of the team goes to breakfast together in the dining hall. I head back to my room and get ready for class. I attend class all morning and afternoon. CF and I will meet sometimes for lunch or dinner. And I spend the rest of the evening doing homework and studying. On Mondays, I go to Little V’s house for Gossip Girl at night. We used to go to Rugby Café every Tuesday for half price burger night. And on Thursdays Little V and I make dinner, watch Grey’s, and have sleepovers! PS I don’t have classes on Friday!

Favorite outfit? Oh goodness! I don’t know if I could pick! Spring: Green J. Crew critter shorts (navy tennis rackets), white Lacoste polo, navy cardigan, white Jack Rogers, and a big navy bow!

Summer: ANY summer dress (Lilly, Molly B, Vineyard Vines, etc), bright Jack Rogers

Fall: Red corduroy Vineyard Vines skirt with anchors, white polo, brown Vineyard Vines cable knit sweater, brown Tory Burch riding boots

Winter: Black skinny legging jeans, black J. Crew tank top, red and black flannel, black riding boots NO OUTFIT IS COMPLETE WITHOUT PEARLS!

If I had absolutely no obligations and a free weekend, what would I do? Hmmmm. I think I would plan a weekend getaway with my best friend Nicole. She would probably want to go to the beach and sit in the sun all day. While I typically would never voluntarily go to the beach, I’m CRAVING the sun!!! What made me start blogging in the first place? It’s actually quite a funny story. I was sitting in the common room of my Freshman dorm. I was complaining about having to study. One of my friends told me that I should start a blog. I came up with the name first and then vowed to start writing after exams finished! I spent the first part of Christmas break designing the blog before I wrote my first entry. And my first post was published on December 26, 2008!

What are some fun things to do, see, and eat in Washington, DC? Run the Exorcist stairs (it’s hard!) Visit the Newseum (it’s worth every penny!!!) Eat a Georgetown Cupcake Become a fan on Facebook and they announce a free flavor everyday for the first 100 customers Filming for a new reality show there just started! Eat at The Tombs (right outside the Georgetown campus) It’s all rowing themed, so obviously I love it

Do I have any study tips? Don’t wait to the last minute Read everything before class and again after class. Ask the professor questions!!! ***I have a really hard time taking tests, so I take them alone in a separate room, ask for accommodations if you need it Where do I get outfit ideas from?

I like looking at J. Crew catalogues. I look at what they’re wearing and then subtract the Anthropologie aspects! I also like to look at what other people are wearing and put my own twist. But honestly, I’ll buy pretty much anything with a bow!

Why did I choose Georgetown? I went on a summer tour with my Dad and fell in love!

What other schools did I look at? I toured a lot of North Carolina schools and Virginia schools. I basically only applied to Georgetown and University of Florida. I got into Georgetown in December (Early Action, phew) so I didn’t have to apply to many other schools.

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I'm first again, answering…you ARE on track all the way and I envision you having your own business, most likely clothing or some magazine aspect, perhaps a fashion magazine, but whatever you end up doing, you will be successful. Love your answers …now…what will you do for an encore!!! Love partipation from all your followers. Fun, fun, Carly


PS as usual…a fashion editor which incorporates your love of writing. I realize you didn't ask opinions foreseeing your future, but did it anyway. As we all follow you it will be so exciting to see what career you embark on and what location…maybe NYC, Paris or…..its endless!

Gloria Stephany

LOVE J. Crew Critter shorts! I own just about every pair in every color! I always felt like no one gave Lacoste enough credit, I always pair any J. Crew chino with a Lacoste polo.. We also have the very same Longchamp :o)

Olivia T

i have a question…

i'm a senior in high school and i'm getting ready to graduate and go to college, anyway…i have a wardrobe full of preppy clothes however i can never seem to put together a preppy outfit. can you give me some outfit ideas so i can be my complete prepster self before i move away to college ? 🙂