Tucker Blair and John McCain

I was looking online for cute headbands the other day and stumbled across the cutest website.  To enter the site, you have to click on a little mallard duck.  Hello? CUTE!

Tucker Blair has a product line featuring Needlepoint designs.  It’s not something you see everyday.  The cute designs are fabulously preppy.  I fell in love with a light blue headband with red lobsters.  The men’s belts are absolutely cute as well.
Check it out!
Also, last night I had a run-in with John McCain.  I practically died.  After I shook his hand, I literally couldn’t stop shaking.  I vowed not to wash my hand… but within five minutes I had whipped out my Purell after touching a handrail.  Oh well, at least I have pictures to prove it!
-College Prepster

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Hey Carly!
A few days ago, I was watching Youtube videos on how to start blogging and I discovered your amazing channel and blog. I am so inspired and motivated by you.
Thank You for your tips on starting blogging. I also love reading your old blog posts. 🙂