Rainy Day

Today is the first day of class for the spring semester.  Of course, it’s raining out.  The rain makes treks across campus quite difficult, as there is a need to dodge giant puddles and try to manage carrying books and an umbrella.

But, I decided to make light of the weather and write about preppy footwear for the rain.  Rainy days are naturally gloomy, but having cute shoes to protect your toes from the cold rain makes the day a bit sunnier. 🙂
It seems that just about every girl tucks her jeans or corduroys into rain boots.  I am personally a fan of the classic Hunter Wellington boots and J. Crew wellies.  I have the J. Crew wellies pictured, but I took out the bow and replaced it with a navy ribbon instead.  Rubber rain boots with printed critters are adorable too.  The Hunter boots are definitely classic and preppy.  Nordstrom started carrying them at the store near my home.  For the winter, they sold socks that folded over the top of the boots.  Very cute!
Bean Boots are sometimes misunderstood by people.  (They are also commonly referred to as duck shoes.)  I will admit I was a bit confused about the fashionability of them when my dad first mentioned them to me; there isn’t exactly a need for Bean Boots in Florida.  He bought me a pair for my birthday, and I converted to a lover of them almost instantly.  Wearing thick socks is almost a must, but it’s not a problem for the chilly winter days.  I tend to wear them at particularly wet crew practices.
Don’t fret the rain!  Embrace it and slip your feet into preppy wet weather footwear 🙂 

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