I’m 31!

Today’s my birthday and I really can’t believe how fast the past year has gone. I was thinking about what I wanted this post to be about… because 31 is kind of a boring birthday. Not that exciting, but I still like to reflect on the past year and look forward to the next.

I have always known that I would love my thirties and it’s been even better than I could have imagined. I know a lot of people thrive in their twenties, but I just did not. They weren’t for me. I survived them and I’m better because of what I experienced.

But, man, I already love this decade. I feel so much more confident with who I am and at peace with who I am not. Feeling “settled” is the best way I can describe it. I just feel good with where I am in life and excited about where I’m heading. It was worth the work to build this foundation.

This summer, even with the pandemic, a lot of big things fell into place personally. It’s weird to feel excited and I have felt guilty for celebrating things, but I do think it’s important to acknowledge the good when there’s good. I have a feeling the next year is going to be a big, exciting one. 🥰

PS I love this picture of me right before turning 31 versus this picture of me before turning 30. Similar outfits but completely different vibes. I think it really captures the vibe of how I ended this year. No makeup, wet hair, a comfortable dress. I feel more “me” than ever and it’s a great feeling.

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Beth Fraser

Happy Birthday, Carly! I have been reading your blog daily for 7 years (first thing when you post them, right after midnight :)), and it always feels real in a world, especially online, which is so often fake. Thank you for being you and sharing your experiences honestly. Have a beautiful lovely day.


Happy birthday to you!! Have a wonderful day and wishing you a year filled with love, joy and smiles.


Happy Birthday Carly! I just turned 50 last week and I so agree. With age comes wisdom. Hope you enjoy your day and thanks for all you do here. It’s such a happy spot in my day.


Happy birthday, all the best do you! Love the very real picture, it will be so cool to look back on this and actually see an authentic pic.


Happy Birthday, Carly! I have followed you since your college days at Georgetown and I have loved seeing over the decade+ your journey to become yourself! I’m so happy for you that you are in this stage where you have blossomed!

Jessica Alvarez

Happy birthday, Carly!!!
You are a one-in-a-million (I mean… literally at this point lol) blogger, and the internet is lucky to have you. <3 Hope you enjoy your day!

Payton Pearson

Happy Birthday, Carly!
You look so happy! It’s been so fun following you during this last year! I’ll be 33 in January and i’m kind of dreading it because it feels so much closer to 40 than 32. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true! Haha

Lisa Mari

Happy Birthday,Carly! Lots of birthday love from Germany and all the best wishes for the year ahead!


Happy birthday Carly! I turn 30 on the 18th and I’ve been a little nervous about it but this post definitely gives me something to look forward to!


Happy birthday, Carly! I absolutely agree about celebrating the good things, even in the midst of all the bad going on. It’s the only way to get through sometimes, I think!


Happy 31st Birthday Carly! I love how you have embraced being your true self (greying hair, no makeup, wet hair, etc). I, for one, think you have never looked lovelier. Your happiness and confidence shines through. Thanks you for being real and true. Enjoy your celebrations to the fullest! Covid has robbed us of making so many memories this year with our friends and family. Don’t let it take your joy too ❤️

Katie McCarty

Happy Birthday Carly!!!!! <3 <3 Feeling the same way, I just turned 30 and I am hoping my 30's are better than my 20's! So much more confidence and caring way less about wanting to impress other people! =)


Happy Birthday, Carly!! Wishing you the best for 31, I really think it will be a good year 🙂 you really do look very happy in your 30’s! Do something fun for yourself today, and maybe have Mike make margs, hah!! HBD!!


Julia K

Happy birthday!!! I am so glad you are enjoying this phase of life. From one of your younger readers (I’m 19!), you are so inspiring and I look up to you a lot. I hope you have fun celebrating today and have a great year!

Jannet Hudson

Happy Birthday! I hope that you’ll have a AWESOME Birthday! Plz take care and be heaps safe there! W00-H00! hehe! q( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)p (。◕‿◕。) d(◔◡◔)b


Happy birthday, Carly! 31 and wow ~ how’d you get so wise? {Asked from someone old enough to be your mom.}. : ) Even though we aren’t of the same generation, I love following your blog for classic and fun content, and also because you seem like a truly kind, caring person. You radiate peace, and you are so right, your thirties {and beyond} are such rich, fulfilling years. Enjoy your special day and the exciting year ahead!


Happy birthday Carly!!

You’re allowed to be excited and happy right now. You SHOULD feel excited and happy; you just got engaged to a wonderful man. It doesn’t detract from the empathy you feel for others, and the world needs all the positivity it can get right now.


Happy birthday Carly!!! I hope 31 is your best year yet! I’ve been reading your blog since the middle of high school and this past spring I graduated college – time flies!! I hope you have a fantastic day 🙂

Christine S.

Happy birthday, Carly! I hope you have a wonderful year that is filled with happiness and good health.


Happy Birthday, Carly! I love seeing the pictures of you one year apart. So much the same but also so different 🙂


Carly – Happy Birthday!

I’m enjoying my thirties too. I’m 31 and can’t believe how amazing it feels to be done with my twenties. I never look back.