I’M 32!

I haven’t had as much time to reflect on the fact that I have yet another year of life under my belt. I almost skipped writing this post entirely– partially because it’s been hard to find windows of time where I feel in the “right mindset” to write in between nursing and Jack’s naps. But isn’t that, after all, a good starting point for how I’m kicking off this next year?

Last year I wrote about feeling “settled” and that feeling has only intensified. I have always felt like my “thirties” would be a great decade for me and it’s proven to be the case even more. A lot of the groundwork I laid in my twenties has been paying off and it just feels good. So much happened while I was 31. We got married last September. I signed a book deal. We got pregnant. I wrote the book. We had a baby. I’m almost embarrassed by the whirlwind of a year because it has felt like my dreams were all coming true.

If I had to sum up exactly how I feel right now, it’s that I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

I posted this photo on Instagram this past April with the caption, “I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be ✨”

What’s interesting is that this past year has also proven to be filled with many, many challenges. It wasn’t a breezy year, despite all of the incredible highs. Yet, I feel like in any other period of my life, those lows and personal difficulties would have crushed me. I can acknowledge and recognize that I have done a lot of growing and I’m just able to better handle the not-so-great moments. Of course they’ll always be there (and I’m sure there will be even more setbacks along the way), but it’s a relief– and a confidence booster– to know I’m a better and stronger person today than I was a year, five years, ten years ago.

I’m looking forward to this next year. It feels like I’m entering an entirely new stage of life and I welcome the turning of a page with both open arms and an open heart.

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Katie McCarty

Happy Birthday Carly!!!!! I totally relate. I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be! Love the thoughts and what a whirlwind of a year filled with so many blessings. Just so happy for you!



Carly, Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful Labor Day week-end. Feeling you are where you are suppose to be says so much about how you feel.


I just turned 30 (in June!) and I have never felt so calm and settled. It was like a switch as soon as I had my birthday. I can’t wait to see what the next few years are like.


Happy Birthday Carly! What a fun birthday date to have. Wishing you the best year ahead! 🥂


Happy happy birthday! You have accomplished so much since those days at Gtown. It’s been a joy to watch you on your journey. Motherhood looks awesome on you. Congratulations!

Christine S.

Happy birthday, Carly! That seriously does seem like an amazing year – wedding, baby, book!! I hope 32 is even better.


I’m so curious about the “laying the groundwork in my 20s” piece – I’m guessing this means mostly financially, with the blog and business? I’m sure there’s some self growth there too but also being able to afford a house/cleaner/assistant/accountant/
nice vacations/now a baby! etc are the rewards you’re enjoying? No hate at all, just so curious if that’s what you mean exactly. And maybe you don’t even want to get that specific!


There’s so much I couldn’t possibly fit into a comment (luckily I’ve documented most of it on my blog in some way or another)…. but figuring out my career, going through breakups, working on my anxiety, discovering meditation, falling in love with working out, meeting my husband, growing my business, meeting friends, letting go of toxic friendships, moving to new places, etc.


Happy happy birthday, Carly!! Wishing you a wonderful year to celebrate all of the big & small moments that you experienced this year!!


Happy Birthday Carly! Congratulations on an incredible year past (despite everything) and cheers for another joyful year ahead! xoxo


Enjoy the 30s because it’s the BEST decade. I am struggling in my 40s now and pining for those good old days of relative youth and independence. I know things will get better as life always has ups and downs, but the intro to middle age has been rough. I would do my 30s over again in a heartbeat. Happy birthday and enjoy, young lady!