I’m sweet on…

For Sweet Lemon, I picked my top five must haves for the fall!
This was really hard because I love too many things to narrow it down to only five… but here they are:
Unfortunately, I have none of the items.  But wish lists are pretty fun to create.  Like, virtual-guilt-free shopping.  I’ll take it!
In fact, I’ll add to it:
I have a denim shirt, but it’s super dark.  This one is way more low-key and perfect.  Throw on a fall-y scarf (more on that tomorrow) and you’re ready for mid/late autumn weather!
Happy Socks.  Hello, perfection.  Remember my number one rule about wearing boots?  These are sooooooo cute.
An amazingly adorable (also affordable) coat from Zara.
Who says you have to put away bright colors just because summer is over???
Love this Old Navy sweater!
So one of the most difficult things wardrobe-wise about heading to the library when it’s cold out is what to wear.  Sweatshirts are the easiest thing to grab…. but really, notsocute.  This vineyard vines wrap is comfortable, cute, and warm.  Win, win, win!
What are you “sweet on”?

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Ashley M.

I love those cute socks! My bean boots are my favorite! I wear them all the time — when it rains, when I go fishing, and even when it snows! If you don't have any yet, you should definitely invest in a pair!


The socks are so cute, I love being able to wear fun socks under boots 🙂

xx Emily @


I loved that segment! I've been wanting a pair of 6" duck boots, too. And I love all of these picks today, except I cannot say I'm a fan of the "bathrobe" style sweaters, like that from Vineyard Vines.