trend: scarves

Okay, so it’s a stretch to call scarves a trend.  I think they’ve been “in” for a while and I don’t see them being “out” in the near future.
Scarves look great with blazers, dresses, and even plain white t-shirts.  There’s an abundance of scarves on the market right now… really they’re everywhere.  But finding the perfect one is hard!!!  Length, weight, and color are all things that should be considered.
I prefer to match scarves, especially ones with bold prints, with solid colors.
For example, this scarf from Madewell has amazing vintage postcard motifs… it speaks for itself!  Black blazer, plain tank, and dark denim.
Here are more of my current faves:
Dawn to Dusk scarf from Anthropologie

Old Navy has lots of options that won’t break the bank!

Obviously, I couldn’t leave out a fall-inspired Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf!

Okay, this has been on College Prep so many times… but I can’t get it off my mind!

Soccer Mom has this J. Crew scarf and it’s adorable!
So once you figure out what scarf to wear… you need to know how to wear it!
Check out this video.  A-maz-ing ideas!


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I LOVE scarves! Seriously wear them all year round. These are too cute! I love the Old Navy and Anthropologie ones! Ah, more online shopping…

C x


I really don't wear that many scarves, but I really want a Murfee! And the Kate Spade one is adorable, too. 🙂


How the hell is that lilly scarf fall at all? Lilly will never being anything but tacky, overpriced and unoriginal.