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I’m currently in the process of talking with someone to make College Prepster academic planners…….
And I am SO excited.
Let me know your thoughts though.  Is this something you’d be interested in?!?!?!

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Yes!!! Especially if you incorporate cute designs and patterns. I agree with Sarah and Bee about liking the Lilly style!

ALSO I agree with Shontal, shipping to Canada is a necessity for me!


YES! If they are cute, college-student-affordable and filled with lots of space…I'm in!! I like the idea of using your watercolor art too!

Amanda B.

Yes! Absolutely. Especially if they have a daily to-do list column like the Sarah Pinto planners.

PS. I really admire how you come up with an idea, figure out how you could make it work, and then actually follow through with it. You rock girl.

Libby brown

That would be awesome! I would totally buy one! Your planning and organization style is so similar to mine.


Yes, that would be lovely (especially like the idea of a to do list space). It would be nice if they were a little flexible as to the audience. Obviously the primary goal would be a good academic, college calendar but if it could also be feasibly used by some of us who have already graduated then that would be great.


Absolutely!!! I can't seem to find the perfect planner at the moment and I have a feeling that you'd put together the perfect one! Functional, yet preppy and pretty. 🙂 Can't wait!


So cool! A great idea for the first College Prep product.

My 2¢: minimal logo on the cover. I love your taste in patterns so I think that should be the focal point of the outside. Big logos can be a bit gauche. Also, I really don't like when planners don't give you equal space on weekend days! I'm not in college anymore, but back then my weekends were just as busy (if not busier) than my weekdays, so it would be great to have ample room in the planner. I love having extra room in the back for lists. Finally, I always find value in seeing the insides of a planner so I can decide if the layout works for me.


the two things im most obsessed with.. TCP and my lilly planner

<3<3<3<3 this made me so happy!

Carolina On My Mind

Such a great idea! I would definitely be interested. I graduate in May of 2012, and would love a planner that was geared to all audiences. I love plenty of space for each day, included with a to-do list column, and also a full monthly calendar view before showing each individual day. Good luck with all of your projects!


Yes but it should be reasonably priced and not just for "college" prepsters. Something for January through December would be awesome.

It would be awesome if you could include different page views.

Month on two pages – the month at a glance
Week on two pages – with equal space for each weekday
And maybe even a view for one year at a glance

Also fun quotes and pearls of wisdom.

Kelly McNiff

I find the best planners are the ones that have a monthly calendar at the beginning of the month and then a week by week breakdown after that with plenty of room to write. I also don't think a planner should exceed about 14 months. The thing I dislike the most about the Lilly planners is how long they are, by the time you get through all of the months in the planner it's almost pointless to buy a new one because the new one would be halfway done with. A place to write your class schedule would also be perfect, like a breakdown of days with boxes to write the times and class. They should also be hardback or the placticy kind of cover so that it's protected, I know mine is always being thrown around.
I definitely think that you would be able to pick the perfect designs.

Paige Opinker

Please please please!!!!!!!


-relatively sturdy

-equal space for every day (including the weekends

-to do lists!


-motivation from you!

-a sticker page would be nice 😉


Julia N

umm yes please! i also like it when at the top of each day, theres a box to write reminders like haircut today, or test today or even new VV catalog comes out! hahah! but i agree with every Paige Opinker said! YES YESSS YES. i find your study and organize guides helpful so if you wrote a section of those in the back of front of the planner, it'd be perfect. plus for each month you can do a print w/ a quote and then the cover of the planner; could be your tumblr logo!



Please put everything in thing you think a dream planner should have because you obvi know exactly what a planner should have in it


Allie Abroad

YESSSSS! yes yes yes! I have been using my iCal while abroad, but desperately miss having a calendar to use whenever it is rude to whip out my macbook or iPhone.

-Sturdy Cover
-Month at a glance
-Weekly calendar. But I really dislike when planners give pre-determined time slots because they often start at 7am and end at 7pm and my day definitely does not fit in that time range.
-Something not too crazily priced
-Perhaps to have it out by the start of the spring semester so that everyone can start off their new year/new school year off to a preppy, fresh, start!

You are amazing! So awesome to see someone with such ambition. I will definitely advertise these to my sorority when they come out because many of the girls love all things preppy but are organizational freaks.


I would LOVE to have a College Prepster academic planner, but only if it had an adorable pattern on it 🙂

Katy Z

Yes, definitely! From the your obvious organization skills, I would imagine you would come up with some really good format ideas for it.

I am pretty jealous because I am obsessed with planners (along with many other office supplies) and would LOVE to design my own.