ten years ago

“Do you remember what your life was like 10 years ago? Has anything improved or changed? In the technology field 10 years feels like 100 given how quickly products morph, grow and fall out of fashion.  We are wondering if you would like to reflect on what has changed or improved in your own world by sharing a photo of yourself 10 years ago and a photo of yourself now. We are asking because we want you to be part of a bigger initiative we are launching dubbed “then and now.” This effort is spurred by the fact that Windows XP and Office are 10 years old this month. Time flies by!”
Ten years ago…
I was in sixth grade.
I still had baby teeth.
I wore Gap Kids religiously.
I was a total mathlete nerd.
I thought for sure I would be a lawyer.
I was completely set on attending Duke University.
My school ID.  Funny story about that shirt… I thought I was so old.  My best friend and I were shopping at the Gap (obviously) and you know how the adult and children’s sections are connected?  We were in the fitting room together and I was absolutely convinced I could fit into a size zero.  I was downright heartbroken that I was sadly still wearing a kid’s size ten.  It was really difficult finding clothes that fit, but didn’t look like “baby clothes.”  That shirt, was one of the shirts that made the cut.
My last ever real “birthday party.”  This was seriously close to being exactly ten years ago.  I postponed my September birthday party until October, and it was Halloween themed.  (Please note my missing tooth….)
I was on the track team???  No wait… I have proof:

HA.  Of course, my uniform shirt is about six sizes too large. #storyofmysixthgradelife

There’s tiny me on the left of the picture.  Sixth grade was a BIG deal in middle school.  It was actually pretty difficult academically with these quarterly “independent studies.”  We also went on this week long field trip that we called “Nature’s Classroom.”
So much fun.
This was clearly like blogging pre-blogging…..
100% 🙂
Middle school choir!  I’m the short one in the shadows three people in from the right on the third row!
You can totally laugh at me… I know I find these pictures hilarious!
What changes have occurred over the past ten years in your life?

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Oh my gosh, Carly! That picture of you on the track is literally the cutest, most endearing thing I've ever seen! Haha, I think pictures of me ten years ago where more cringe-worthy than funny..

Ashley M.

Oh my goodness!! I am going to do this! How fun! I remember shopping at the Gap like it was my job. Cute pictures.. I love that you ran track.. I played softball for one year in 7th grade.. and nothing about me is sporty or athletic. Middle school is so weird for us all!


Ahhh 6th grade……never wanna go back to that! Lol. Ten years ago I was 5, and I think I was just getting into trouble.


This is so cute! I love all the pictures!! Ten years ago I was six and completely absorbed in my little world of Irish Dancing and watching Arthur.