new wheels!!!

I know, so random!  But it was pretty exciting.  How did I win a bike?  I signed up for the newsletters for Scoutmob.  I never do that sort of thing…. but I did anyway because I thought the website sounded pretty cool (especially for finding new restaurants in DC).
Scoutbob was giving away Public Bikes.  Bah!!!
Georgetown Boy was recruited, as the on-campus bike aficionado, to help me assemble the bike.  Luckily, it came like 90% put-together though.

(Georgetown Boy doing all the work… while I snap pictures!)
The box was covered in cute quotations about bikes and bike riding:

Check out that color!!!
Scout mob came to take a few pictures, and after seeing my email signature with my blog address… we think we’re going to plan some sort of collaborative event between CP and Scoutmob.  Be on the lookout for that!

Does anyone ride bikes in a city?  Where are good places to look for (cute) helmets?
PS I totally realized that I’m totally afraid to actually ride it…. AH!

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Kristine Elizabeth

Be careful! I brought a bike to Ohio State with me last fall, and let me tell you it is scary! I don't want to sound negative, but I would definitely stick to campus and trails. People are crazy out there.


Love, love, love your bike! I've got an adorable cruiser at school, too! It has a great wicker basket on the front 🙂 Can't help you with the helmet thing, though…I ride mine mostly on my suburban campus. Have fun! 😀

Lauren Alyse

Oh. my. word. so jealous right now. I'm kind of in love with your bike. Once I get enough money saved up I'm buying a bike so I can ride to campus instead of drive (I only live like 10 minutes away from my school). Congrats it's really cute! 🙂


if you think riding a bike in DC is hard, try riding one in Copenhagen! Bikes run this city – the cycling world championships were here this fall. I rented a bike for my semester abroad here and love it! But that first ride home was definitely scary… As for helmets, they don't use them here, but as I go to school in DC I know you need one in the capital! Plus you should always wear one anyway… there are some good bike stores in Dupont and gtown if you google it. As for helmets… none of them are that cute, but you may be able to find some better ones… here in Denmark they have cute covers for them to personalize it! good luck!


I want to bring my bike to DC! But one of its tires needs serious repairs and I would have to wait for the rents to drive it down.


I'm so jealous of your bike! I wished I lived somewhere flat enough to ride bikes places, then I could get a cute one like this!


Never be afraid to ride your bike! It will set you free!

I ride a bike nearly every day in a big city, and I used to ride all the time when I lived in Georgetown. Just stay calm, stay off the sidewalks, and act like traffic. Never be afraid to take the entire lane. You have every right to it.

For everyday transport, you'll be on the roads, but if you want a scenic recreational ride, there are also tons of dedicated multi-use trails, many of which you probably already know about (C&O, Crescent, etc.) in the DC area. Do some googling for maps.

Check out It's wonderful inspiration for transportation cycling.