Indy Love!

I’m going to just come right out here and say it, I freaking love Indiana. I didn’t have a ton of expectations, but I always love a good trip with Garrett so I was looking forward to the trip regardless. We were there for a wedding and decided to make a whole weekend of it. All I definitely wanted to do was see corn fields… Garrett laughed…. because there is so much corn it’s crazy. Every time we drove, I couldn’t stop staring out the window; the corn was unbelievably pretty!!!
Besides the corn (which I honestly talked non-stop about), everyone was very friendly and the entire state was beautiful. I’m glad we got to see so much of it and through the eyes of someone who lived there! Garrett showed me his old stomping grounds which made the trip extra special. 
I loved seeing Garrett’s college! (We went to Georgetown earlier this year.) I kept picturing him around campus and now I will have a good visual for all his college stories!
We also lucked out because the state fair was running!!! This took my love for Indiana through the roof. I had a blast romping around the fair. It was pretty rainy but it didn’t stop us from having fun one bit. (If I had known the State Fair was going on and that we would be going, I would have packed close toed shoes… My Jacks, although I love ’em, weren’t great for the rain and mud!)
No joke, I think I’m ready to move to a farm. I was very much into it 😉
The animals were so cute. I was too busy Snapchatting the piglets to get a good photo, but I couldn’t get over the little nugs! 

It was this calf that really stole my heart though. His little velvety ears were the softest and he even sucked my thumb.

And let’s talk about the food. We ate a lot. Fried Red Velvet Oreos, pork sandwiches, sweet corn, lemonades, cotton candy, pretzels, candy, the list goes on…

Fried Oreos sounds disgusting but sheesh they are delicious. They tasted like fluffy doughnut holes with soft Oreo cookies inside. The perfect flavor combination for sure.

And I can’t resist cotton candy. 
I really can’t begin to describe how great the weekend was. A slow pace, insanely nice people, corn fields as far as the eye can see, and the pure beauty of the state!


PS I wore this tee (c/o), these shorts (c/o), Jack Rogers, and a monogrammed necklace.

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Love!! I sometimes get really enamored with farm life too but I don't think I could ever leave my city (Seattle).

Abigail Murrish

You have NO idea how happy I was to see this post in Feedly this morning. As Indiana girl who works in agriculture, I feel my home state gets a bad rap for being ugly and hick-ish. The corn and soybean fields are beautiful and one of the things I miss most about my home. And three cheers for going to the State Fair. It showcases the best Indiana has to offer: hospitality and agriculture.

If you're ever back in Indiana and want to tour some farms and meet some farmers, let me know! I'd be happy to help 🙂

Julia Engel

Carly! This post made me miss you guys SO MUCH! That photo of you with the calf is the cutest thing ever. Lets move to a farm, ya? I know T is down.

xx Jules


You must come back to Indy soon – so much fun stuff to do downtown & some incredible hotels & restaurants!
~ Kim Pincombe Cole

Olivia Stieren

This post had me grinning hugely!! I grew up in Springfield, IL…the Land of Lincoln and cornfields. The Midwest has a special charm and beauty about it that many find hard to appreciate, but there IS something about that corn. So glad you had a great Midwest experience!

Allie Harris

so pretty! I go to Miami University (OH) which is practically in Indy, so I definitely understand the corn fields!