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Garrett and I just got back from Indiana. He was invited to his fraternity brother’s wedding out there! I love weddings, even though I haven’t been to too many (yet…)! Although I didn’t know many people there, it’s still such a wonderful thing to witness: two people committing to each other in front of friends and family. 
I wasn’t totally sure what to wear, but went with this super simple and easy to wear dress. The major selling point for me was that the dress is knit and wouldn’t wrinkle from being folded into my suitcase. (I just bought this dress too and it has the same non-wrinkle texture but a smidge more casual!) 
Because I wasn’t sure if it would be outdoors or indoors, I opted to bring the Murfee scarf to throw over my shoulders. Regardless of wedding venues or time of year, I think the scarf is a must-bring accessory. The wedding was outdoors but the scarf was perfect for keeping the sun off my arms and then it kept me warm at night when it cooled off a bit.

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PS Two of the girls in the bridal party are TCP readers! I can’t tell you how amazing it was to meet and hear from so many Indiana readers!!! Need to plan another trip back…

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Phyllis Lee

Wow, that dress is perfect! That's what I love about Lilly dresses — you can wear them whenever you're not sure about how dressed up an event is, but still end up looking fabulous and put-together 🙂 Glad you had a good time!

Phyllis | http://www.prettypleese.com


Absolutely stunning! That shade of pink is gorgeous on you!

I'm in a major wedding season in my life (7ish each summer for the past three summers so far), so I'm at the stage of learning how to make the same dresses look different enough for weddings where many of the guests are the same. It's a fun challenge!

Sweet Spontaneity