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After all the fun I had making the Instagram Photostrips, I decided to put together another tutorial!
I’ve grown even more obsessed with Instagram.  I honestly didn’t think it was possible.  But here I am, even more addicted.  I don’t have cell service in the business school building, which is actually a great thing because otherwise I would be checking up on Instagram constantly.
I decided to make some College Prep calling cards, or as I’d like to call them… “tweeting” cards.  If you remember from a long time ago, I posted about my blogger business cards.  I use them for networking purposes, especially with speakers I meet from Georgetown.  (Honestly, I’ve connected with some fabulous people!)
The problem with those cards is that my phone number is on them!  Obviously that is important for certain connections, but as public as I am about everything else, my phone number is something that I keep relatively on the DL.
With this in mind, I tried to figure out what information I needed to be on the calling card that I wouldn’t mind handing out to a fan or a stranger.  And then it hit me… my Twitter handle!!!
Tweet, Tweet!
The process is pretty similar to how I made the photostrips, and I’ll do my best to outline it!
First, you have to pick the picture you want to use!!!  I used the same one for all the cards, but you could easily line up a bunch of different ones while in photoshop… hello, everyone loves variety!
(Note, you can really use any picture!  You don’t necessarily need Instagram!)
So I chose a picture that I had used for an OOTD post of my v-neck cable knit sweater and my striped button up.  I started in photoshop with a file 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches high with 300 dpi.  I also made sure my “grid” was showing and that the snap feature was on so I could ensure that everything was lined up properly.  When everything is lined up, the cutting part is much easier.
So here everything is lined up!  I placed the Instagram picture on the file and duplicated until I had a bunch on the page.  (I made the Instagram 2.5″x2.5″)

I also added some fake “crop marks” so I could make sure I left the right amount of edge around the picture to give it the true Instagram look!  The lines are simply the Line shape tool.
Since you end up using the same sheet of paper to print the back, you only need the crop marks on one side.  I definitely recommend using the crop marks on the Instagram side since you have a good idea of where you’re supposed to cut as it is.  (Opposed to all the, very misleading, white of the reverse side.)
Next, you’ll open up two new blank files.  One is 2.5″ x 2.5″ and the other is 11″x8.5″, both with 300 dpi.
On the 2.5×2.5 one, design what you want the back to look like and save the file as a JPEG.  To avoid confusion, let’s call this mini-file AA.
Making sure that when you print the reverse side will line up exactly with the front is actually easier than you’d think.  While you have the first file (I labeled it “front”) open, place the saved AA file directly over one of the Instagram pictures.  Repeat over and over (duplicating makes it simpler) until the whole thing is aligned.
Merge all of the AA layers together so you have one.  Drag the layer into your 11″x8.5″ file.  Photoshop is magic and it aligns in the EXACT position you had it on the first one 🙂
The go back and delete the extra layer from the front one.

At this point, you should have TWO files in Photoshop to print from.  One is the front of the card and the other is the back.  The exact same size and the exact same positioning.  Save both files as PDFs.  (I saved as a JPEG and then duplicated and re-saved as a PDF in preview.)
Head over to your local Kinkos (technically Fedex Office, but it will always be Kinkos to me!).
You may need to ask for help, but when you print… make sure that the second side is going to be fed through the printer the right way.  I tested it first on a regular piece of paper before I moved onto the thick cardstock.
(Don’t forget to be super nice to the employees!!!  I swear I always get free prints if I’m pleasant and happy… unlike 99% of the other customers.)
Ready to cut!

It’s really a great little thing to have tucked in your wallet.  Next time I meet someone, I’m going to pull one out and say, “Tweet me!”
(PS It’s also useful that my Twitter handle and Instagram handle are the same!)

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katie lake

So fun! I made some minimoo cards recently for my blog. I had a hard time deciding what info to include. I stuck with my blog address, email, and my blog name.

WV Fashionologist

Have you looked into a Google Voice number? It acts like a call-forwarding service. You can give out that number, and it will ring into your cell phone. I use that with my blog, so I don't have to give out my real number.


These are so cute. I would love to make them, but I'm not great with my Photoshop skills. Any suggestions about the best way to get started? Thanks!