I had an absolute blast in NYC for the Jack Rogers Preppy Party! Here’s a quick recap of the trip and the party 🙂
The Jack Rogers Girl, me, Mackenzie, and FEC. I love how we all have totally different styles going on. It was great to catch up with my old friends. I hate that I don’t get to see everyone as often as I like. That’s one my most favorite part of social media… staying in touch with friends even if we don’t live in the same state!
Stephanie, Hannah, and I took off for NYC super early in the morning. We didn’t have that much time in the city, so we tried to maximize our adventure.

First we had lunch though because we were starving. We took the subway (without getting lost, thankyouverymuch) to Chealsea Market and had a super fresh and delicious lunch.
After a long day of shopping and walking, we needed a pick me up. We’re officially fans of Starbucks’ “Frappy Hour.”
Mackenzie met up with us in the hotel and brought us goodies from her boutique!!!

The cutest couple… um, ever.

Love love love Mackenzie!

Chatting and gossiping!

the girls

This is great!

Diego from Jack Rogers is amazing! He did such a great job coordinating… right down to the waiters 😉

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Do you know who makes the dress she wears on the cover? Also the white skirt the cover girl wears with the gold top? Love love love this issue!


The navy dress with the ruffle is by Emma Graham Designs. They are a newer company started by two college students. Their clothes are fantastic (my sister is a design consultant for them) and SUPER preppy!!!




I was so excited to go to New York City this weekend.  I was really looking forward to it to get away from DC for a bit, and also I had some majorly fun things planned!!!!
Let me just say… the trip did NOT disappoint.
Normally when I go to the city I’m only there for one night, but I spent two nights this time.
My bags were all packed and ready to go!

I went up on the Bolt Bus Thursday evening.  I was running around like a mad woman in DC trying to get ready for NYC.  I had a mini-wardrobe crisis that I unexpectedly had to take care of.  I only had one class, but we had a quiz so I really needed to spend a bit studying.  I decided not to work during the bus ride and opted for Harry Potter…. yep, pretty good decision right there 🙂

Have I mentioned how much I love New York?

One of the reasons why I went was for the Kate Spade Fall 2012 presentation… more pictures on Wednesday!

Sneak Peek!

Oh!!!  I finally got to meet Mackenzie from Design Darling.  We’ve been emailing for a year (almost to the day) and I was so excited that we were both going to the Kate Spade presentation.  I loved spending the day with Mackenzie doing all sorts of fun girl things!

Mackenzie and I (promptly) changed out of our high heels and grabbed a quick lunch at Eataly.  That place is insane.  I needed a map.  Then we went to The Dry Bar for a blow out.  It was amazing.

Since my hair is short, I only got to do the boring plain straight… but how amazing does Mackenzie’s hair look!!!!

Much needed Starbucks latte.

We had a great dinner and then stopped by the Kate Spade #flobrotour on our way to the Reward Style party.  It was just starting to snow so we didn’t spend too much time outside.  (We did, after all, have to protect our hair!)

The Currently Obsessed Top Influencers Party was tons of fun.  Mackenzie and I were some of the youngest ones there (actually I think we were the youngest), but it was pretty cool to meet other fashion bloggers!

So jealous of Mackenzie’s skirt!!!!

It was great meeting Amber Venz!  We’ve spoken on the phone and emailed quite a bit, so it was great to finally meet in person.  Totally loving her newly red hair!
(Check out the new Instagram filter… so exciting!)
In the morning, I met up with Kearsley (from Tipsy Skipper) for brunch.  It was snowing outside, and I was running late.  But we went to Penelope Cafe and it was so wonderful!  The cutest little cafe/restaurant!  I had the Nutella French Toast, omg, delicious.

Afterward, I met up with Luis (Urbane Sophisticate) for coffee and macarons before I had to head back to DC.

It was an amazing weekend.  Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.  I can’t even begin to list the number of incredible people I had the honor of meeting! Ah!!!!  Can we rewind so I can relive it?  (Minus the super sore feet!)

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Looks like the perfect weekend getaway! Where do you stay in NY? We're tossing around the idea of a trip to NYC after graduation. xoxo, e


Looks like you had a really fun time! I heart NYC and can't wait to move back this spring! Yay! You are adorable!!!

Liesl 🙂