Except for that one time, I really don’t talk about romance or relationships on College Prep.
Sometimes I definitely wish I had a boyfriend.  But then reality hits… and I just do not have the time (or energy) for one.  Simple as that.
At this point in my life, I’ve chosen to be single and I really like it 🙂
(But actually.  I’m not kidding.)
So what are my single girl on Valentine’s Day plans?
I have a meeting in the morning and class in the afternoon… but I’ll likely spend most of the day at my desk working.  I have a big paper due and a midterm later this week.  After my trip to NYC, I got a little behind on emails and blog posts and editing for Sweet Lemon!  Whoops!  (See what I mean about not having time for a boyfriend?)
I will definitely go out of my way to get a Starbucks Valentine’s Day cup.  They’re so cute and I kind of wish they were year round.  After all, my love of coffee is a 24/7 365 affair.
What are your Valentine’s Day plans???  Let me live vicariously through your comments, pretty please 🙂

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Blue-Eyed Belle

I will for sure be making a trip to Starbucks tomorrow morning to indulge in a latte or WCM and probably a lemon cake! Also, my friends and I are planning on going to dinner and seeing The Vow tomorrow evening. Girls' night!


You have such a great attitude about V DAY! I usually play the cynic and drink wine and eat chocolate while hating the happy people. But this year, I have a date on Friday so I'm a bit more optimistic about love. And I plan on spending tomorrow night with my evening running group! Healthy distraction 🙂

Pink Tattoo

That Starbucks cup is just too cute. I may have to make a Valentine's Day trip down to get one tomorrow, especially like you I have papers and exams coming up like nobodies business. Whenever someone asks why I don't have a boyfriend I say the same thing, I just don't have time. ha ha. The life of a nursing student! Hope you have a good Valentine's Day!! =)


I don't think you'll get much excitement out of my plans (sorry) – I have class till 8 o'clock! But I will definitely be wearing pink and/or red. 😉 Also, I know you said you're single but Valentine's Day isn't all about romantic love – don't forget to treat yourself to something really special and show your love for yourself. 🙂

Happy Valentine's Day!


Sheri Ann {Sprinkles and Style}

Coffee and a treat from Starbucks is on my list for Valentine's Day as well! I wish I could provide you with better plans, but unfortunately I have none! Haha I tell people that I don't have time for a boyfriend either, so I'll be spending the evening at dinner with my mom – something that I enjoy now that I'm home from college :]

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lauren Alyse

I have a BF but we're both pretty busy this week so no special plans for us either. I have a girls' night Friday and then we'll spend some time together on Saturday after I go to a open house for a grad school I'm looking at. We're both busy and it's not always easy but I believe when you love someone you MAKE time for them. Not just on Valentine's Day but every day. That being said, I will definitely be wearing red and spending some quality time with my first love (coffee) tomorrow! Happy V-Day! 🙂

Madilene Lake

Definitely going to Starbucks! I'm going to have a mani/pedi in the afternoon after class! And then either having ice-cream / cake from this fabulous place in Greenville with some of my girlfriends!
You're attitude about Valentine's day is spot on – if you're happy then it's a wonderful day!


who needs boyfriends when you've got girlfriends?! hey i have it all the worse by attending an all women's college haha. i hope you'll have the best day regardless of your relationship status!

Alexandra Steinmetz

It's my boyfriends birthday, so generally we forgo the typical Valentine's Day plans and make birthday plans! This year we are going ice skating and grabbing pizza and beer.


No worries about being single! I'm actually not doing anything Valentines Day, since I have class all day. However, my sweet boyfriend actually took the day off work yesterday so he could be with me on my free day as an early Valentines Day surprise. He showed up and completely surprised me with a big bouquet of tulips and daisies – my favorite! I am wearing lots of pink and red today though (just because I love the colors and today so much). Hope you have a great day today!


Aww man! I went to my local Starbucks this morning with my BF and we both got a regular cup… *sigh*

Good luck on your search for the special cup and that special someone as well! 🙂


I definitely stopped and got a Valentine's cup at Starbucks today – they're too cute to pass up! I actually have no idea what my plans are tonight because my boyfriend won't tell me ANYTHING. Have a great Valentine's Day!


Jordan - Queen of LA!

nothing wrong with being single, especially not when youre so busy and passionate about the things you DO love!

my boyfriend has all sorts of surprises up his sleeve… i have a feeling he's coming and surprising me at lunch at work! we also have dinner plans at our favorite restaurant tonight, and fingers crossed he'll be arriving with a rose gold monogrammed necklace for me! 🙂

Katherine Diane

I love being single. Some of my friends have way too much boy drama in their life and I am so happy to not be involved in that. I do not have time for unnecessary stress (not that all relationships are stressful). I also wish Starbucks would keep the Valentine's day cups year round (I've been to Starbucks a bunch over the past week and have yet to get a fun cup…)

Have a great day! 🙂


I'm with you! It's a single girl Valentine's day for me…and I'm totally fine with it! I used to hate V Day, but now I look at it as an excuse to dress up and wear pink/red. And, of course, ANY excuse to celebrate coffee and get Starbucks is ok in my book!


Hi Carly,
I'm single and happy on Valentine's Day too! It's easy to get upset when it seems like everyone else around you has a significant other to spend the day with, but like you I'm just too busy to worry about anyone but myself and all my various projects! I'm genuinely happy to spend my Valentine's Day at my desk working — I think it's the entrepreneurial blogger mindset 😉


I have a studying and chocolate cake date with the boyfriend. We both have classes and meetings and midterms, but chocolate cake and some company definitely makes studying for bio more enjoyable =)


I kind of feel the same way; I mean it'd be nice, but I'm really too busy, and the second a guy gets close I freak out! I'm probably just working, too!


Hubby and I invited my single twin sister over for a delish Filet Mignon dinner 🙂 Exchanged cards and had a very nice time. {love} the Starbucks cups — I included one in my v-day post as well {smile}.

Found you through Pinterest. New Follower 🙂


Politically Sweet

I agree! The two things i'm most in love with right now is the fact that 1) I'm surviving law school (barely these days) and 2) your nail polish! Do tell what color it is – it's adorable! xoxo