sweet lemon no. 4

We launched the latest issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine (on our newly redesigned website) earlier this afternoon!
I know I say this every month, but this is my favorite issue yet. Again, trying to coordinate between the various cities and conducting video conferencing and email blasts is such a challenge. There are times when I’m more frustrated than anything… but seeing everything coming together makes it ALL worth it.
After a certain point, I give everything over to Mel who’s in Philadelphia… so it’s always a surprise when I start seeing the final PDFs. As they were coming in over the past week, I was dying with excitement. I so wanted to tweet sneak peeks every five minutes. But the wait is finally over and everyone can see it!!!
A couple of my favorite shoppable pages! The weekender piece is so fun. I want to pack my bags and follow everyone’s suggestions!!!
Merrit Beck is the May/June covergirl. She is just too cute! Love her style!
PS Let me know what you think!

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