Interview with College Fashionista

In case you missed it…
Here’s the Google Hangout I did with College Fashionista earlier tonight!

(Look, Teddy made the preview shot HA!)

Thanks to everyone who joined in 🙂

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Gabrielle Piloto

Hi Carly! I am a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista as well, I wish I could have been on the google hangout today. You are such an inspiration for me as a fashion blogger 🙂 I went to Plant High School as well and have been following The College Prepster for years now! Congrats on all your success!

Megan Joy Williams

It is so unfortunate that people often underestimate the work that goes into building a blog. It is by no means an overnight wonder. It is an uphill battle that grows an author from within.


That was really informative and I'm glad you published it, since I was really busy during that time. I didn't know College Fashionista existed, so I will be checking that out. All the girls did really well too! 🙂