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Winter Shoes

Okay. This Florida girl will never be used to the cold weather. Ever. Garrett is convinced I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and I’m not exactly arguing with it. The sun setting at 3pm is getting old… fast. I’m also kind of sick of getting dressed in the morning. I either feel stuffy and uncomfortable with too many layers or frozen like an icicle with too few layers. And shoes? I wish I could wear my favorite ballet flats again. But no, it’s boots, boots, and more boots. (Can I move to Florida for the winter like a snowbird?)
Currently, I have been alternating between my brown riding bootsblack riding boots, and LL Bean Boots (bean boot guide!). Yesterday, it snowed a lot (as far as I’m concerned as a Floridian) and all I wanted was to stay in bed and never leave my apartment. But there were people to be seen and errands to be run, so I ventured out in the thickest socks I own and my Bean Boots. How you all survive actual snow and actual freezing temperatures is beyond me! Consider me impressed.
Winter boots can be super…. unattractive. I found some super cute boots that are fashionable, but can also get you through a super cold, snowy day.
And don’t forget your socks:

What are your favorite shoes for winter?


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Nathali {Glorious Peonies}

I recently bought new winter boots and decided on Sorels! They are doing a great job at keeping me warm and dry. Quick question: how did you include your picture slideshows in your post? I can't seem to figure it out, thanks!

Emily Herrmann

Coming from a girl who grew up in Minneapolis and now goes to school in Madison, Sorels are must haves. Completely waterproof and adorable. Definitely worth the price. I have a herringbone pair and they are simply the best.

As for dealing with the cold weather, I find the best thing is to just not think about it as much as you can. If you walk somewhere and think "this weather sucks, I hate it, etc.", it just becomes much worse. Even though winter can be a total bummer (it snowed in Minneapolis in May last year!), it definitely makes me appreciate the other seasons a lot more!

Tara Louise

I completely agree – i'm from california and i'm not sure if i'll ever be used to real winter weather! but i have the furry tory burch duck boots you posted and they're amazing! i definitely recommend them 🙂

Katherine L

I'm the opposite. I absolutely love the cold and detest the heat (but as a 7th generation Canadian, I guess it's in my blood). I love putting on warm layers, and sweaters, and walking though downtown with snow flakes wafting though the air. There's nothing worse than stepping outside and feeling the sweat begin to form, and your hair expanding, with swollen fingers and sun burns across your body. Like the previous contributor said, it's all about mind over matter: if you don't mind the cold, it doesn't matter. Focus on the positives of the winter (Fair isle sweaters, Christmas, new year and new beginnings) instead of dwelling on the unfavourable aspects.


That sounds just like me! I'm in the south but it's really cold (in my opinion) right now and I'm so sick of it! I hate going outside, and I hate having to layer up and then be hot in class and stuff. Ugh. I've been alternating between Bean Boots and riding boots too, and while I love them…I already cannot wait for spring! At least ya'll get snow…we just get grey, wet, and cold 🙁

Julia Mills

At least you look fabulous in your winter wear! I'm a Georgia girl, so cold temps make me cringe. When it's below 50, I really have no interest in leaving my house. And I hate dressing for winter. I love fall clothes but layers…I always feel like I look 10 lbs heavier! And will it please stay light enough for me to get home from work and take a run in the afternoon?! Ahh I always forget how much I hate this time of year! xo!


I live in boots once it gets cold. It's become a running joke that I have at least one pair of boots for any occasion. I also have a pair of Sorels (quilted black with grey fur) and they are amazing in any sort of winter weather and also cute – definitely one of my better purchases. A decent pair of bean boots are still on my list for days I want to be practical but not look like I'm venturing out into a blizzard though.


If you think you have seasonal affect start taking vitamin d to supplement the lack of sun in your life and think about getting a happy light! I suffer every winter but there are definitely things you can do.

Jessica Wuensch

Anyone else unable to see the slideshow? I had my heart set on Bean Boots but they are sold out until mid-Feburary or March! What a shame. I'll definitely get them early for next winter though!

Abby Meade

I really need to get bean boots! They would be great for coxing in the falls and early spring months!



I bought snow boots at Costco a few months back and they're all I wear right now. It's too icy and slushy to go out in Converse or any other kind of boot.


I completely understand! I just moved from Hawaii to Colorado (boo! lol) and I was SO unprepared for the cold! I am dying over that coat! I've been looking all season for a green toggle coat. What a bummer that Zara doesn't have it anymore. Obsessed with the boots though!

Emily Blauvelt

Hoping I get my first pair of bean boots for Christmas! Perfect for the freezing temperatures we're having in VT right now!


Beeta Hashempour

This post couldn't have come at a better time! I live in L.A. and never have winter boots like these, but an upcoming trip to Tahoe has had me on the hunt for cute snow boots! Thank you!! 🙂

Erin Murphy

Hey Carly! As a Canadian I thought I'd share a cold-weather tip with you, because I actually love winter and just want everyone else to love it too! (Okay, maybe I won't totally convert you, but hopefully help you tolerate the cold months).
1)Thermals. Seriously. Not the waffle-fabric tops you might be thinking of, these are designed for winter sports. They're extremely lightweight so they would go unnoticed under your favourite button-up or light sweater, but insulating enough that you could cut down on the bulkiness of too many layers and still feel toasty. They make leggings like this too!
An example of what I mean: Most athletics brands sell them in some form or another.

I'll wear these under my clothes when the temps drop into the -20s (C), but since you're from florida guess they could help you with the NYC winters!

Seriously though, give it a look. Finding ways to stay warm and comfortable is key to not being miserable in the winter! Good luck!


I am a diehard Bean Boot fan. They are just the perfect boot for me in the winter. But lately I'm really loving their new flannel Bean Boot… might have to be on my wish list at some point!

Richard S. Milian

If you ever needed a reason to get excited about winter, this is it: it’s boot season again. Gone are the flimsy, hard to maintain/keep clean lightweight silhouettes such as boat shoes, trainers and espadrilles. Instead, it’s time to dust off the old faithfuls and jump in some (not too deep) puddles. best boots for women