… Introducing Carter

A lot of you guys have guessed it, but today is the official announcement! I’m so excited to announce that Carter Fish has officially joined the Prepster team.

I’ve worked with accountants, lawyers, managers, and a slew of freelancers but Carter is my first full-time, in-house hire. It’s a huge deal for both of us: my first employee and her first job!

Carter Fish

I met Carter three years ago through my sister Stacy. One of her sorority sisters hired Carter, a freshman at the University of Florida at the time, to take their graduation photos. Stacy raved about working with her, and the photos were insanely good. I even featured the photos on my blog.

Carter and I ended up shooting together whenever I was in Tampa and then again when she was in NYC for internships. I’m not sure if it’s obvious, but finding great photographers is a challenge because it’s so important that they know what they’re doing (first and foremost) but you also have to feel comfortable working with them. Especially as a blogger, it makes a huge difference.

I’ve been so impressed with Carter from even before I met her and my admiration for her has only grown as she’s gotten older. Beyond her creative skills, I’m always so impressed by how enthusiastic and fearless she is.

As Carter was getting closer and closer to her graduation this year, I started to consider her for a position with my blog. Working with freelancers has been okay, but it’s time for me to hire someone full time, and I couldn’t imagine hiring anyone other than Carter. We traveled a lot together this year (Bermuda, Paris, and Nantucket) and I basically knew that I needed her! The quality of photos and VIDEOS is so much higher than anything else I had been putting up on my blog.

I hope you guys are just as excited as I am!!!

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Yay! I love Carter! I follow you both and I can’t believe that I didn’t put 2 and 2 together. Even after she talked about moving to New York for work. Congrats!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I have been loooving the quality of your photos. Carter is so talented! I can tell how comfortable you two are with each other through the photos you’ve been sharing on your blog. I’d love to see Carter write a guest post about photography and/or her experience taking on this non-traditional job! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Alex C.

Congrats to both you and Carter! Her work that I’ve seen on your blog looks amazing, and more importantly, it really seems like you guys seem like you get along well 🙂
Alex //

Taylor Martin

Yay, that’s so exciting for you both! I know sometimes working with friends can be difficult but I love that you emphasized how much you admired her work and her fearlessness as a person before you really got to know her. So happy for you both!



Congrats to you & Carter! Seems like a partnership meant to be – her photos are stunning. xoxo Kelsey \\


Yay!! Congratulations to both you and Carter!! So excited for for the amazing content to come!

Becky H

That’s so great! Congratulations Carter! And congrats Carly on expanding your team, what an exciting time! I’m looking forward to more great photos/videos/things to come!


Best of luck with this new addition to your time!
Looking forward to seeing more great photos!


Ahhhhh! What amazing news! You lovelies work so well together this will be a great fit for you both. Congrats to you Carly on the growth of your business. This is a huge step and you should be proud.

Ashlee Buller

Umm also she’s friggin cute and bubbly, she should be a feature of the blogvas well as somebody who’s behind the scenes!

Richard Lea

Carter Lea! Wow! Your Dad just sent me your announcement of employment and I nearly cried reading it. Very proud of you young lady. Sincerelea, Richard