Nantucket Purchases

Whenever I travel, I never really want to do any major shopping. I find it incredibly boring after a while. Maybe it’s because I live an hour away from New York City, but most of what I would want to buy, I could just purchase at home. And then, there’s the internet on top of that.

I’m not against making souvenir purchases though! I’m just saying I don’t want to go into a J. Crew in a different city just because it’s in a different city. You know?

That said, I did get two new things from my Nantucket trip that I loved because they’re so ~Nantucket.~ I wanted to make sure that I shared both before the summer ended!

The first was a gift from my friends at Skinny Dip. They have a pop-up on the island during the summer plus a flagship store in Charleston if you find yourself there. One of the co-founders of Skinny Dip is Taylor Ivey who is also the designer behind Ellsworth & Ivey. I interviewed her a few years ago on my blog if you’re interested in hearing more about her story!

Nantucket Sweater

I’m such a sweater girl. I swear it’s because I was deprived of sweaters from living in Florida for so long. Now I covet my sweaters. As if wearing them in the fall and winter wasn’t good enough, throwing one on on a cool summer night is even better.

The Nantucket sweater is a slightly dressier option than the usual souvenir sweatshirt!

Nantucket Dress

Photos by Carter Fish

I had actually spotted this Nantucket print on Instagram this spring. Then, while walking to get ice cream one day (naturally), I saw a giant surfboard outside of a store with the same print and a matching dress on a mannequin. The shift dress was a no-brainer for me. The Nantucket-everything print is perfectly aggressive, in my opinion.

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Carly, that dress looks great on you! Did you find that N.TUC clothing runs large, small, or TTS? Thanks!


I am the same way about shopping on vacation. I don’t see a point in visiting stores I can go to anywhere else or access online. It’s the little unique stores and boutiques that I love visiting to purchase something to help me remember the trip!

Taylor | http://www.livingtaylored.com


I don’t really like shopping for clothes on vacation but I’ve started buying a print or a piece of art wherever I go so I can remember my trip. I got a Mexican bark painting when in Mexico and a print in Seattle and San Francisco. Slowly adding to my gallery wall 🙂


Love both outfits!!
How does the dress fit? If you compared it to JCrew sizing, is it the same or would you go up/down a size in the NTUC dress?


This dress is adorable. I need it in my life! I wish I could wear sweaters more but it is TOO hot in FL. Hopefully we get cooler weather this fall!


Love the Nantucket dress on you! I think it is adorable and the sweater is great too. Always enjoy your blog.

Alex C.

That Nantucket sweater is the perfect high-quality souvenir! I agree with you in that I’ll only buy things I can’t find anywhere else while on a trip, or stock up on some favorites if I happen to be somewhere where I can get them cheaper! For example, I was just in France, so I stocked up on Saint James tshirts since the French brand is about 25% cheaper when purchased without all those pesky import fees tacked on.
Alex C. // preppybeancounter.blogspot.com

Paige Brasington

Is it weird I want that Nantucket sweater even though I’ve never been to Nantucket? I never get souvenir shirts because I know I won’t wear them. I would wear that sweater though! So So cute!