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I’m blogging from Upstate New York right now. It’s really nice to get away from everything and put my phone down for long periods of time. Looking forward to time on the water and hopefully reading a bit more outside. (Just pass me the bug spray!)


Anyway, here’s what has been on my radar this week. It’s a little lighter this week because I haven’t been on my computer as much.

ONE // Ashley Brooke Designs x Tervis

My friend Ashley just launched a collection of Tervis tumblers. They are super adorable. I can’t choose a favorite print, but I think I’m partial to the Florida one! I’m sure you’re familiar with Tervis, but the cups are great for hot and cold liquids. I have a bunch in my apartment for my water, and I use the travel ones for the gym or bringing coffee on the road.

TWO // 16 Surprising Things about Parenting in Croatia

I found this post on Cup of Jo about parenting in Croatia to be quite interesting. I love the series, and this one really spoke to me. I liked that they mix generations and pick fruit from their backyards!

THREE // Scalloped Suede Flats

While I’m not quite ready to put my fave Jack Rogers sandals away, these scalloped flats might make it a little easier when I eventually have to. PS They’re having a warehouse sale right now… great prices!!!!

FOUR // Cutest Family

How adorable is this family? I have to confess that I’ve seen a few episodes of Rattled on TLC. It’s not my favorite show (most of the couples….. yikes), but this family is the cutest. I wish they had their own show! They just did an interview on The Today Show– best story ever.

FIVE // Stella Shift

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any more sundresses this summer. And then I saw this navy swing dress and, well, I couldn’t resist. Kind of mad at myself, but I know I’ll wear it a bunch.

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Growing up in Croatia is almost identical to growing up in Poland. My family lived in the city, but my grandma lived in a small farming village. I spent my summers very much the same, outside all day, being fed at whatever house we all happened to be, picking fruit from everyone’s garden, climbing cherry trees. I don’t think my grandma knew half the time where exactly we were. There was no helicopter parenting, adults knew kids would be taken care of, or reprimanded (as the mom from Croatia mentions) as needed.


Loved the article on Croatian parenting. Growing up I’d spend 6 weeks, every other year in the town of Vrboska, on the island of Hvar. My grandparents lived there and it was a fantastic place to visit. I still have family there and try to get back when I can. It is beautiful and should be on everyone’s travel bucket list!!!

In case you don’t know, if anything ever happens to your Tervis tumblers you can send them back for a replacement for free! Lifetime warranty. My favorites are the tartan patterns LLBean carries during the holidays!


Oh my goodness, the Taylor family is just the cutest! I seriously teared up when they walked into their house with baby Lydia on the last show (tears of joy of course)


I love the tumblers and have been reading the parenting around the world articles on Cup of Jo for the last 45 minutes haha- great finds per usual.

Alicia Mae

Ooh, I might have to get that Texas tervis design… Cute tumblers inspire a person to drink more water, right? So it’d totally be for my health 😂