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When I asked a week or so ago what kind of content you guys were interested in, I heard a lot of you talk about more budget-friendly pieces. I HEAR YOU. To be very frank, I don’t like to buy super cheap clothes if I know they won’t last a while, but I also am not the kind of girl who can just drop $1,000 on a pair of shoes. (In case you’re wondering, the most expensive shoes I’ll buy are Stubbs and Wootton because I think they’re immaculately made, and they feel like they were specially made for my feet. I’d happily splurge on a pair of their loafers.)

I have gone shopping with friends before where my jaw dropped at how much they spent in a single store. I spend more than the average person because technically clothes are part of my job, but I do feel like I keep a balanced approach to spending. I’m not cheap, but I am prioritizing saving money for retirement, houses, my future family.

I am going to try to be better about including various price points in my outfits (i.e., pointing towards similar styles at lower prices) so I hope you find it helpful if you’re trying to save money. And honestly? If you are worried about making rent, paying a student loan, and trying to put away a sliver of your paycheck towards savings… I recommend just not buying the cute dress. Not worth it at the end of the day. I am 100% of the belief that saving money (and meeting your basic financial needs independently) is more important.

With all that said, I think I’m going to make Saturdays reserved for price-conscious posts. Today everything is under $100, but I have a feeling I’ll have fun with this and challenge myself to keep the post’s “budget” limit even lower in the future.

I just bought this crossbody bag in camel. I was reorganizing my purses looking for a small brown handbag, but I didn’t have one! Only a larger tote. Can’t wait for it to arrive. I also bought this sweater from J. Crew. It’s only $32?!?! (I actually asked the guy helping me if there was something wrong with it that I should know about because the price seemed too good to be true.)

Below are a few cute things, all under $100!

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Michael @ Mike in My Glasses

Great picks Carly! I love to invest in some pieces but I definitely find that I’m quite budget conscious when making clothes purchases, though the older I get the more that changes as I seem to be becoming more ruthless with my purchases lately and not buying just anything that takes my fancy, but rather pieces I know that I’ll get good use out of!

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday,


Thank you! Thank you! I’m an elementary teacher and I can’t wear my quality pieces to work simply because of the kids and getting dirty. It’s sort of funny–In the summer while I’m not working, I try to avoid any clothes I wear during the school year so that they stay in quality shape! I already feel 1000x more related to TCP. Happy Saturday! Thank you!


My Mark and Graham bag in camel just arrived the other day! Super cute bag! The coloring was a little lighter/orange tinged than I expected but it will be perfect for fall!


Thank you so much for this weekly budget series!! I love it & am so glad to hear your thoughts on the subject, it’s so balanced!

Alex C.

I love everything in this post! Definitely wouldn’t have guessed that it’s all under $100. I think you’re one of the only bloggers who truly listens to feedback from their audience; you’re a huge inspiration to me as I start my own blog! I can’t wait to read your Saturday budget-friendly posts in the future 🙂
Alex C. //


Hey Carly,

This is perfect! Your style will become so much easier to emulate with pieces that are under $100. I want quality clothing and sometimes it would be nice to see a post on what to invest in, however, this is the everyday shopping that I love.


I have been following your blog since I met you randomly on the street in Boca Grande a few years ago. I find it very fun and useful to find gifts, both big (birthdays & holidays) and small (surprises after a big exam week, etc), for my daughters (ages 24, 20, and 16). The Saturday value blog is a great idea and will be helpful for finding stylish surprises for my kids! Well done & Hoya Saxa!

Hailey Hallum

Great post, Carly!! jaw dropped at the prices on those J. Crew tops! Great picks!!

ps- you might want to fix the pricing you put on the Mark and Graham bag 😉


It’s automatically pulled from the website through the widget so I can’t fix it unfortunately.


So you wear “super cheap” clothing (J. Crew Factory, Abercrombie, etc.) when you get it c/o or can make some money from affiliate links, but you don’t want to buy it for yourself? Ok.


I buy J. Crew Factory and Abercrombie on my own. I’ve never received any of it c/o!