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This post is in partnership with American Girl– an absolute dream for me!

It’s no secret how influential American Girl was for me as a young girl. I credit American Girl, and especially the historical character series, for my love of reading and, honestly, sense of self. As I’ve gotten older, I have reflected heavily on just how much the dolls and books shaped me– it can’t be underestimated that I would be who I am today had it not been for American Girl!

Nothing makes me happier than knowing how beloved American Girl still is for the next generation. And how lucky they are that they get a new historical doll to befriend. American Girl recently introduced Claudie Wells as their latest doll in their historical character lineup. I have to admit that I had a little flutter in my chest when I opened the package. I genuinely was transported back to my childhood and felt like it was Christmas morning or my birthday! Claudie is absolutely beautiful. I love the details of her outfit and her gorgeous curls and, of course, her story.

Claudie’s story is all about celebrating Black artistic joy and expression in Harlem in 1922 (what would become known as the Harlem Renaissance), while of course, in American Girl fashion, sharing the challenges of the times.

One of the coolest parts about Claudie in particular is that her story is written by Brit Bennett. Brit Bennett is a NY Times best-selling author (her book The Vanishing Half was one of my best reads of 2020) and was also a childhood AG fan! Brit Bennett was named one of Time’s 100 next most influential people of 2021 and was nominated for numerous book awards. The Vanishing Half has sold over 1.5 million copies and spent 50 weeks on the NY Times best-seller list. And she wouldn’t be an American Girl doll without a perfectly styled wardrobe. American Girl collaborated with Harlem’s Fashion Row and Samantha Black to create Claudie’s looks.

The character Claudie Wells is inspired by the writers, painters, musicians, and singers in her Harlem community to find her own special talent. In celebration of Claudie, American Girl is supporting Harlem School of the Arts (HSA) and donating $50,000 to HSA Prep, a pre-professional scholarship program providing students ages 12-18 with advanced level arts training in music, dance, theater, and visual arts.

Claudie comes with a copy of the paperback book! I know of a few special young girls in my life who are going to be thrilled to get to know Claudie and her story.

Thank you American Girl for sponsoring today’s post!

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Rebecca HT

I love this! I grew up with the AG books, but never had a doll. But oh how I wanted one! I would read the AG catalog from cover to cover, and dream about which doll I would love, and drool over all the cute accessories!
I’m so happy to see a new historical AG added to the lineup, and love all of the thoughtful details that were incorporated – Brit Bennett seems like the PERFECT partner to write Claudie’s story, and the donation to HSA is just amazing!

Courtney Jenney

This makes me so, so happy. American Girl had the same influence on me when I was younger, and I swear I learned so much from their books. I dream about the day I can buy more historical characters for my children. I vividly remember reading Molly and Addy’s books and both taught me SO much about the time period(s). I can’t wait to read more about Claudie 🙂


Carly, I’m obsessed with this! What a perfect partnership, and I can’t wait to learn about Claudie’s story.

And bravo for AG for looking to Bennett and Black.