Introducing the Prep Squad

Prep Talk is launching TONIGHT.
Can’t wait until then?  Here’s a little sneak peek at what Prep Talk consists of!
Quote of the Week- basically a motto to live by throughout the week
Take a Bow- highlights a blog that everyone should have in her reader
Obsessed- an item that is at the top of the wish list
Work it- fashion advice and inspiration
A Boy in Men’s Clothing- the real life Carrie Bradshaw column
Say What- input from readers
Pinch of Sugar- recipes to test and more importantly eat
Check it Out- recommendations and ratings for new movies, books, songs, etc. to try out
Meet and Greet the Writers
Stephanie (Check it Out) is a senior at McGill University. She speaks fluent French, subsides off of a diet of muffins and coffee, and has headband collection that could rival Miss Waldorf’s.
Mason (A Boy in Men’s Clothing) is a senior at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC: she loves elephants, thinks awkward situations are hilarious, and has a bad habit of harmonizing with the radio.
Deanna (Work it) is a senior at Northwestern and writes her own blog Mellow Fever-– green tea and champagne run through her veins, she speaks grammatically-incorrect French, and chiffon and sequins make her weak in the knees.
Jen (A pinch of sugar) is a double major at Florida State University. She loves college football entirely way too much, drinks wine like water, and is obsessed with trying new & adventurous recipes.
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Preppy Twin

Carly, amazing idea! :] I absolutely LOVED it.

You girls did a fantastic job. I'm so excited for more. Thanks girls!! :] :]

5 STARS, Prep Talk is a must read! *****