Ring Around the…. finger?

And, no, I’m not talking about wedding rings.
(I’m not going to be a girl who has her wedding ring picked out and wedding planned before she even has her first serious boyfriend…. which, for the record, drives me nuts when people do this.)
So, rings made my top ten of 2010 post a few days ago… but my love for them has grown even more throughout the first week of 2011.  I want one for every day of the year (is that bad?).
Quick CP story (“Settle in girls, it’s story time!” -any Shrek the musical fans???): Way back when, I was traveling with my family.  We had a layover in Atlanta.  I washed my hands and left my favorite ring, from Gap Kids, on the counter.  It was never seen again.  Moral of the story, I refuse to spend a lot of money on a ring.
And…. we’re back!
I’m going to share my current favorite rings.  Three stores, three price ranges: Kate Spade, Banana Republic, and American Eagle.
All Wrapped Up– Kate Spade
As seen on Katie Evans’ twitter (@evans_katie):
Glam Links– Banana Republic
Lily Pearl Ring– Banana Republic
Sunshine Ring– Banana Republic
On sale for $19.99
Sparkling Ridge Ring– Banana Republic
Rhinestone Horseshoe Ring– American Eagle

Rhinestone Starburst Ring– American Eagle
(FYI- AE is having a buy one get another 50% off deal right now!)
Add some sparklies to your fingers!!!

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I bought the All Wrapped Up Kate Spade bow ring last month & wore it out of the Georgetown store. That day I no kidding received 5 compliments on the ring as I continued shopping. Since then I've been obsessed with KS rings, which I am happy come in sizes (most places will just have one big ring that doesn't fit anyone but KS rings come in 6,7,8). Remember many rings (and other things) at KS are on sale right now with all sale items an additional 25% until Jan. 17, 2011 so get the goods while the getting is good!


I tried on the kate spade bow one…it is absolutely to die for!


Little V


The kate spade bow ring also comes in silver! I have the gold but now need the silver one! i think it is rhodium plated. Coach has a cute bow ring too!


I love the Lily pearl ring! That would be great for everyday wear! Btw, I'm a new follower and i just love your blog!