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A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded both seasons of Girls on my iPad from iTunes. About half way through downloading the first season, I ran out of storage. I kept getting these nagging messages telling me I had to manage my storage (read: delete stuff). Deleting things is one of my major anxieties… but always ends up feeling great purging. In the process of sorting through my apps to see which ones were going to get the axe, I realized that I download way too many apps. Some of them, I feel like I had never even open or used. Ever. (I seriously had three different “flashlight” apps on my iPad. #unnecessary.)
I would go through and delete an app or two, free up space for another episode, and then repeat the process every time I ran out of room again. Oh boy. I basically got down to the apps that I simply couldn’t part with. The apps I actually use and love.
PAPER // This is the coolest app in the world. It was actually the Apple App of the Year in 2012 and I completely know why. Basically, it’s a digital Moleskine. Perfect for doodling, sketching, and even taking notes. I follow their Tumblr (Made with Paper) and I’m so inspired by how talented people are. For me, I love to just doodle because I find it so relaxing. You have to check out John Jannuzzi’s drawings… he’s incredible. Oh, and when you’ve made a journal that you love, you can bring it to life with Moleskine! (Talk about an amazing gift!)
PINTEREST // Okay, yes… I’m sure you’ve used Pinterest before. But if you haven’t downloaded the app, you must! The UX is absolutely one of the best I’ve encountered. I prefer using the app to the desktop, which I think says everything. I have to limit the time I spend on it because an hour can slip by a bit too quickly!
SUDOKU // I’m a sucker for playing sudoku. I think it’s the best way to take a quick break and get my mind off of whatever is going on in my life. It keeps my brain on, but I can turn my focus off whatever’s stressing me out. I also play this all the time when I’m in the airport and on a plane. Perfect for traveling.
NETFLIX // A little bit obvious, but I totally use this app the most. I watch Netflix (I’m a huge documentary fan) a little bit more than I should probably. I’ll bring my iPad with me when I’m curling my hair or in bed if I’m having a rough night. I add things I want to watch in my Instant Queue so I can access it faster on the go.
TED // This was actually an app that someone recommended to me after this post. Great way to access all the Ted Talks you could want to watch right at your fingertips. I love the feature that gives you a Ted Talk at random. You say what you’re interested in and how much time you have and then … voilà! … You’ve got yourself a great experience!
What are your favorite apps for the iPad? Anything I should download?


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Nicole Cors

Paper looks super great! I love to journal and to sketch, so sounds like a perfect app :). Thanks for sharing!



The Paper App alone makes me want to run out and buy an ipad right now, which really can't happen given my budget. And just $40 for a 15pg Moleskine from your Paper sketches, talk about a seriously awesome and affordable gift!


Another way to free up space without deleting most of your apps is to just delete each episode after you watch it. Since video files take up the most space (generally) and they don't actually delete, you just have to re-download from your iTunes account or Cloud if you want to re-watch, it will free up the most space.

Alexandra Steinmetz

My absolute favorite app is The Atavist. It's basically long-form non-fiction stories that are interactive (sounds, pictures, maps, video). They cost a few dollars to download each one, but it's one of my favorite weekend rituals. If you like documentaries, you'll love this app!


I'm already a Paper addict, but loved the tumblr examples! I love to just doodle and waste time, so naturally I am super jealous of some of the talent I saw!

Kate Watters

If you don't already have Stylebook you need it. It stores photos of everything in your closet and you can keep track of what you wore, when you wore it, and who you were with. It even has an option to create packing lists for trips which is my favorite part!



Thank you for introducing me to Paper. What a great App! The one App that I really enjoy and find myself checking every day is Timehop. It shows you all your photos and updates from this day in history each day that you check it. Pretty neat to see what you were up to one, two, three years ago, etc.

Jaime Petkanics

From a productivity perspective my favorites are 1. Mailbox (amazing for getting the inbox to zero) 2. Wunderlist (my fave for to-dos) and 3. Evernote (where I keep everything from photos of wedding invitations to notes from meetings). I can't live without those 3!


I love Paper! Did you know there is a Moleskine app? I use that CONSTANTLY in class. It's great for notes, but it is also free! 😉