I wanted to make a blog post about my iPhone video settings. It’s become one of my most frequently asked questions on Instagram. I love taking videos now, especially since having a baby. I have to confess that I wish we had more childhood videos of my sister and me. We have one tape that my grandpa took from when they would visit us. I’m 5 and my sister is 3 and we both love rewatching it. Now I have a gajillion clips of Jack on my phone… can’t stop! And the quality of iPhone videos is so good now.

Whenever I share videos on my story, people ask what settings I have because the videos look so crisp. The key, in my opinion, is to turn off the HDR setting. I don’t really get what the HDR does, but it makes the videos look unrealistic and “digital.” I prefer videos filmed without it on– I swear it looks more natural.

To get to video settings, open Settings –> Camera –> Record Video.

(I also have the 13 Pro, if that’s helpful.

Here are the settings I have selected:

And since we’re talking about videos, I thought I’d share my favorite app for editing videos right now. I do a lot of editing with Final Cut Pro on my laptop, but for mobile editing I love Filmm.

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Where do you store your videos? Mine take up so much space. I don’t keep as much as I’d like to.


iCloud! I pay for the big storage and then I turn on iCloud photo settings so the big files are stored in the cloud.


My dad just passed on and I realllllllly wish I had more videos of him with my son. Make sure someone gets lot of you with Jack as well! Moms never get to be in the picture!