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I love sparkling water. We always try to have it on hand! Now with our SodaStream from Bed Bath & Beyond, we’ll never be out! Whether you have a SodaStream or are looking to add one to your kitchen, Bed Bath & Beyond is a one-stop-destination for everything you need.

I picked out the SodaStream Tera Bubly Bundle– a Bed Bath & Beyond exclusive. It’s a great starting point for your inevitable SodaStream addiction. It comes with the sparkling water maker, a dishwasher safe carbonating bottle, a CO2 cylinder, and two Bubly drops flavors!

One of my favorite features of the SodaStream is that it’s cordless. You can store this anywhere in your kitchen (or pro-tip, your office!) without having to worry about a nearby outlet.

I also got the Bubly drops variety pack to have on hand. Love being able to make all kinds of sparkling water flavors depending on what we’re in the mood for at any given moment. And I got these soda syrups, too. The Raspberry Mint flavor is hands down my favorite. It’s so refreshing.

If you’re like us, you might want to get a couple of extra bottles to have on hand. The SodaStream water tastes best with cold water, so we keep filled bottles in our fridge so we always have fresh, cold water to work with.

SodaStream Exclusive Bundle // Extra Water Bottles // Bubly Flavor Drops // Soda Press Co Syrups // Ice Cube Tray

Thank you Bed Bath & Beyond and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this post.

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