We’re going to Ireland in June!!!! Julia, Thomas, Garrett and I had so much fun in Alaska last year that we immediately started planning what the next trip would be. I think we narrowed in on Ireland pretty quickly and it’s safe to say that “excited” would be a gross understatement. (I think Mr. McCarthy is particularly pumped.)
The four of us are planning on doing a lot during the trip and we already have a rough map of where we’ll be. (We’re starting and ending in Dublin, driving counterclockwise around the country.) We’re working on narrowing down the hotels and B&Bs to stay in and putting together a list of our must-dos. 
BUT, we’d love your input. Any amazing restaurants, off-the-beaten path stops, cute shops, picture perfect photo opps, packing tips…. Ah! We’re so excited. If you’ve done trip recaps on your own blog, I’d love to read those too!

Thank you!!!

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Hey Carly!

Im studying abroad this semester and just went to Ireland last week and loved it so much! We did a lot of the main "touristy" things but ill try to break down some the main thing that stood out!

Dublin (General):
I love this city and the main thing that made it so great was the people. Everyone is so friendly and laid back (or maybe its just the accents) that I could have honestly just hung out in my hostel or a pub and talked to people the entire time I was there.
Im sure you know about some main things to do there – the Guinness Storehouse (not a big Guinness fan but this was really cool to see nonetheless) The Trinity Library/Book of Kells (so beautiful!), and the Prison (didn't get to see but is supposedly really cool). While there definitely isnt a shortage of historic buildings/museums we honestly had great time just walking around and seeing the city. For instance, Dublin is known for is colorful an unique apartments doors scattered all around the city and are really cool to see/ take pictures of.
Also, as far as restaurants go, I would recommend a place for brunch called the Elephant Castle. We had a great brunch in this cute little place and they gave us one of their cards afterwards and I realize that they have two locations – one in Dublin and one in Greenwich Village! This was such a funny coincidence because Im from NY and I can't wait to go there when I get back from my semester!

Temple Bar: (Area & Pub)
My friends were really determined not to fall into the "tourist trap" that is the Temple Bar area in Dublin but we need up going and having a GREAT time. some people say its overrated but We are glad we gave it try – if anything to knock if our bucket list.
One thing you should know about Ireland is that they love their music – like in bars/pubs, 9/10 places you go will have some sort of live music any day of the week and its so much fun! Its funny, they seem to have a penchant for country (Ring of fire, country roads etc) and even you dont like the genre they make its so much fun to sing along to haha.

Cliffs of Moher:
We did a bus tour that took us from Dublin to the Cliffs because they are the opposite side of the country! (aka like 2.5 hours away). The weather was being weird that day (I'm talking hail one minute and sun the next – so weird) but in any conditions the cliffs were STUNNING! quick packing tip – make sure you bring some good shoes that can withstand some serious mud. I wore my Bean Boots and they were a life-saver that day!

Also on the western side of the country is the city of Galway – which people apparently call the "cultural" capital of Ireland. They are big on the arts here and even have a huge festival in July! Tons of cute shops and pubs as well as food and clothes markets to roam around. We only got to spend a few hours here but I know people who have spent the entire semester there and have loved it!

Okay, so this one is kind of a joke. But we stopped here for a rest stop on our bus tour and it was so hysterical. We stopped at place called "Barack Obama Plaza". APPARENTLY, President Obama has Irish roots in this town and because of that, the town basically worships him. Idk, the Irish people have a weird obsession with him. The entire shopping area had so much Obama paraphernalia and pictures of him everywhere anti made for a funny photo opp.

Im sorry I rambled on so much in this comment but I hope it helps at least a little bit if you get a chance to read it. I love your blog and hope you have a great time in Ireland!


Allie G

Hi Carly! How exciting! I studied abroad for a summer in Ireland and was totally entranced. Great choice 🙂

I was mostly in Galway, so don't have much advice for outside of Connacht, but here is my two cents:
-Galway: Spend as much time as you can here! So many cute shops and restaurants to peruse with a ton of culture and history.
-Cliffs of Moher: As others have stated above, it is a must!
-Connemara: Not as popular as the Cliffs of Moher, but it was actually my favorite part of my time in Ireland to take a day trip out that way. We saw many beautiful lochs in the countryside and got to visit Kylemore Abbey, which was wonderful!
-Inis Mór: This is one of the Aran Islands and very, very neat! I went with my archaeology class to view some of the ruins there (Dún Aengus), but it was also fascinating beyond that. It is a part of the Gaeltacht, which means it is one of the few places that Gaelic is still spoken a lot by the population. I also got a very cozy sweater and blanket from the Aran Sweater Market there and then adorable little hand knit booties for future babies one day as well as hand knit gloves, scarf, and headband. They are some of my most treasured items in my wardrobe. Also to note, there are very few cars on the island, so cycling and horse-drawn carriages are the main way to get around.

Outside of Connacht-
-Dingle: I echo the sentiment above about Dingle. It was a very cute seaside town. We even went to mass in Gaelic at a beautiful local church, which was pretty neat!
-Bunratty: This is a very interesting village and 15th century castle near Limerick in Co. Clare. It was quite fun and if you ever wanted to be a princess when you were little, very fun to explore the castle.


I spent a month travelling in Ireland a few years back. Have to say that other comments has some great ideas! The Cliffs of Moher are NOT to be missed. And you truly, truly have to visit the Aran Islands known for their sweater making techniques all over the world. Not to mention you can rent bikes to go around the island and it is so picturesque.

Galway is exciting and a cultural hotspot to be sure, but I also have a soft spot for the city of Cork. It's the second largest city and has really lovely architecture such as St. Finbarre's Cathedral. It's a good mix that might show you a bit more of 'every day Ireland' while also indulging in culture.

Cork, Galway and Dublin sort of make a perfect triangle to work out. You can see the country REALLY well if you drive in that way, which is what I did.


Your trip sounds so wonderful, Carly! My family spent a week in Ireland last June. It's the perfect time of year to go. We had a full week of sun (which the locals said was pretty unusual), but pack those Hunters just in case! We stayed on the Beara peninsula, and I'd recommend visiting at least one of the southwest peninsulas. The Beara had great views of the Ring of Kerry, but they're all so rugged and mountainous 🙂 We spent a day in Kinsale (near Cork), and I feel that town is definitely up your and Julia's alley. It's supposedly the place to be seen in Ireland 😉


Oh, and try to find a map of major stone circles before going! There are so many in Ireland, and it's very easy to quickly stop to see them before continuing on your way.

Demoiselle Pearls

Ireland!!!! Hands down, you need to visit Connemara. That is where my father's family is from and there is nothing like it – it is rugged and fairy-tale beautiful. The tiny village of Leenane at the end of the Killary Bay is so charming, lots of scenic vistas and some of the greatest hiking in the country as well as other outdoor activities. If you think you'll be making you way over there send me an email ( and I can give you specific recommendations on must sees, like a family-owned B and B in an old convent, and the cutest little Irish pub you ever saw.

Helen Lafferty

Hi Carly! I was born and raised in Donegal in the north-west of Ireland and now live in Dublin as I attend Trinity College there. I would not personally recommend spending much time in Dublin, 48 hours max. It has some charm but there are much better places to visit in this country. I see most of the comments here follow the same pattern: Dublin, Galway and Kerry. Whilst these places are worth seeing I cannot advise you strongly enough to break away from the well-worn tourist path between these places and head to the north of the country instead. The Causeway Coastal Route is unmissable. Of course visit the Giant's Causeway but also visit Torr Head for some breathtaking views as far as Scotland, The Dark Hedges – a location where Game of Thrones is shot and also cross the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. Eat in a pub in Bushmills and sample the local whiskey. Get a traditional fish supper for tea at Morton's in Ballycastle and eat it on the beach. In Belfast eat at Deane's or Ox for some really good food or try Maggie May's on Botanic Avenue which is a traditional cafe and a hangout of the students from Queen's University. Go to Derry and walk around the medieval city walls. Eat at Pykes and Pommes or Brown's in Town there. In the Republic, don't overlook smaller cities such as Sligo and Kilkenny. In Sligo climb Benbulben or Knocknarea and go to the Glencar waterfall. If you are here in mid August go to Ennis and see the Fleadh Cheoil 2016 which is the biggest traditional Irish music festival held annually. As a Donegal girl myself, I strongly recommend coming to visit us up here. Go to An Grianan Aileach – an ancient fort (older than the Egyptian pyramids) to see some spectacular views. We have the best beaches in the country here, Portsalon and the Five Finger Strand are among the greatest. Visit Malin Head which is the most northerly point in Ireland. Eat in Harry's in Bridgend which prides itself on using local produce. Glenveagh National Park and Castle is a must-see place in Donegal, watch out for wild deer and Golden Eagles! Drive around the Atlantic Drive and the Poison Glen. Definitely go and see Sliabh Liag which are the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Bundoran is a town world famous for surfing. The Famine Village at the Isle of Doagh offers a glimpse into what Irish life was like in the past. Check out the Old Glen Bar, The Mill Restaurant and Castle Murray house for food. Perhaps my biggest recommendation of all would be to attend a game of Gaelic Football or Hurling, wherever you are in the country. It's the absolute best way to get an insight into Irish life and culture and mix with the locals. I guarantee you'll enjoy it, whether you're a sports fan or not. Tickets can be bought on

Basically what I'm saying is don't just fall into the Dublin-Galway-Kerry tourist trap, come and see what the rest of the country has to offer too. I am sure you will have a ball wherever you go!


In Dublin, you have to go to The Winding Stair. It is the best food and it's adorable – you'll probably have to wait but it's right across from Temple Bar, so you can go and have a drink while you wait! You won't regret it!

Arielle Erenrich

I visited Ireland last November and loved it! I wish I had planned to spend more time in Galway. The 1 night I spent there was enough for me to realize that it is a cute city and that I needed to spend more time there.

If you are thinking of going to Northern Ireland as well, I recommend visiting Belfast and Giant's Causeway.

Chelsea White

Definitely go to the Little Museum of Dublin!! My roommate worked there when we lived in Ireland, and it's a really really cool museum dedicated to Dublin right across from St. Stephen's Green! It's a great way to get to know the history of the city (including a dedicated U2 exhibit) that doesn't involve the duck boat tours.
I agree with Rose, the Fumbally Cafe is awesome, I still dream of the avocado toast with cheesy eggs and have tried to recreate it multiple times with varying success 😉 Kaph on Drury Street is my favorite coffeeshop in Dublin; the matcha latte is incredible! The Hairy Lemon has incredible beef and Guinness stew (a must try), and it's super close to Grafton and the St. Stephen's Mall. Explore the city, and try to keep away from Temple Bar since it's so expensive and there are much better (and cheaper) bars the further out you get! St. Stephen's Green is adorable, but can be crowded during the summer, Merrion Square Park is adorable, a little out of the main part of Dublin, therefore less crowded and has a statue of Oscar Wilde since he was born right across the street! I love the canal and grabbing a coffee early in the morning before the city comes alive; it's so relaxing and refreshing!

If you go to Northern Ireland definitely stop in Belfast and go to the Titanic Museum. I'm a total sucker for the movie, and close to the end of the museum they have a little part for the movie with the song "My Heart Will Go On" playing; I totally cried and I'm not ashamed of it. Giant's Causeway is so beautiful, humbling and enchanting. The legend behind it is so incredible too! Carrick-a-Rede's rope bridge is really cool too, and a good midway point between Belfast and the Giant's Causeway.

Closer to Dublin: Howth has an incredible hike that looks out on "The Eye of Ireland" and some of the best fish and chips around and is only 30 minutes by train from Dublin. On the opposite side Bray is a totally enchanting little town with an incredible pizza place and a beautiful beach. My friends went to Bray (I wasn't able to go with them) and one of them said it was the town that made her fall in love with Ireland.

I've heard awesome things about Dingle (the name alone!) and the dolphin that resides in the bay there. Plus, Murphy's ice cream from Dingle is so delicious! There's a shop in Dublin too in case you can't make it out to Dingle, but from everything I've heard it's well worth the trip!


I went to Ireland a few years ago with my best friend … my absolute favorite memory is an impromptu stop we made in Bundoran (County Donegal) where we took a surfing lesson. The folks at Turf n Surf in Bundoran were fantastic! Another standout memory is doing a hawk walk at Ashford Castle (County Mayo). There's also a great pub across the street from Ballintubber Abbey (County Mayo) with amazing food.

Elle Johnston

Are you just sticking to the South or making your way up to the North? I'm Northern Irish and I'd love to give you some tips on some stuff up here. It's wonderful. First one being it's probably not a great idea to call anyone Irish up here, just stay well clear of that term ha.

Jessie Murray

I can't recommend visiting Galway enough! There's so much to do especially in the summer, the city becomes alive with people and there's always a festival of some sort on. It's full of cute cafe's, restaurants and there's live music around every corner down shop street. It's super chilled and the country side is gorgeous x

Jamie Boyle

Make sure to go to the Dingle Peninsula. We stayed at the Dingle Pub B&B and had the most AMAZING Meat Lasagna. Top 3 best meals I've had in my life! Couldn't recommend it more!


You simply MUST go to Peacock Green in Dublin. It's the cutest little cafe, tucked away near the end of Lord Edward Street, I think. It's about a 10 minute walk from Trinity College, down Dame St in the direction of Dublin Castle.


My whole family lives in Ireland. Though my parents lived in the US for a few decades, they have since reestablished residence in Dublin. Growing up, we’d do about 2 trips a year to see the family. I have a lot of recommendations in the areas I have family (Dublin, Waterford, and Offaly), but not much of the tourist stuff.
My recommendations for Dublin: 3FE for coffee, The Farm for dinner, the Pig’s Ear for dinner, KC Peaches Cafe for a quick bite, The Shelbourne for a nice afternoon tea, Carluccio's for coffee or food, and Fallon & Byrne for food, wine, etc. Brown Thomas for shopping. Try to make it to the Horse Show at the RDS if you’re in town when it’s on. My family is based in Ballsbridge, so we often go to the Schoolhouse for lunch and Roly’s for dinner. I recommend staying far away from Temple Bar at night- you will not get any sort of authentic experience there and you’ll pay far too much for a pint. If you must stay in the city center, try Kehoe’s off Grafton St- nice seating outside in the summer. I’m sure you’ve already heard this, but walk through St Stephen’s Green. Merrion Square does lunch carts out once a week in the summer, so see if you’re in town one of those days and sit out in the square for lunch. They also do the carts down by the canal a different day. See the Trinity Library (free if you go with a TCD student). Murphy's Ice Cream is a must. Head to Phoenix Park on the north side (I assume you’ll be staying on the south side of the city) and take a walk around the before heading to Farmleigh House, which is technically outside the park, but the grounds blend right in. Take a short trip on the DART south to Killiney and climb Killiney Hill- best views of the city. If you’d rather go north, walk Howth Head from the south side and end in Howth for lunch. On your way out of Dublin going south, stop at Powerscourt in Co. Wicklow- one of the most gorgeous estates and gardens in the country. Also stop by Avoca Handweavers in Co. Wicklow for food and a look around.
Outside of Dublin: Make a point to stop in Waterford and Dunmore East. Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland and they have a decent amount of information on the viking history of the city. I know they briefly shut down production and reopened in a new location, but if Waterford Crystal is still doing tours, definitely go (fun fact- in addition to making the best crystal for the home, they also made the ball that drops in NYC every New Years). Dunmore East is a relatively short drive out of Waterford (just head down the Dunmore Road). I spent every summer here growing up and it’s a great little seaside town. There’s a reason they call it the sunny southeast- there is a proper beach down from the Strand (which serves a decent amount of seafood, if I remember correctly).
Sounds like you aren't really going toward the middle of the country, so I'll leave it there. Apart of those recommendations, I’m sure other people will be able to tell you more about Galway, the Cliffs of Moher, Belfast, the Giants Causeway, and all of the typical spots that people hit on their first visit to Ireland. Have a great time!

Junia Noel

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Beka Knackstedt

I would highly recommend you all drive up north to Belfast!! It is in the north of Ireland, but the history is incredible! I have worked for an run a non-profit based out of Northern Ireland based on working with catholic and protestant teens. The people there are so nice, and Belfast has grown a lot with new restaurants, fun clubs, and great photo ops! I would say going up north—definitely go to the titanic museum (sounds super touristy but they have an AMAZING tea- Carly and Julia would love!) They have created the museum to look like an iceburg/you can see where the ship was built and such. I would also say definitely go to the oldest pubs around town (some are the most bombed places during the troubles history! Architecture is amazing!) The botanic gardens is amazing for a picnic, cool free museums, and queen's is right there. I also say the northern coast is just as good or better than the southern 🙂 You have to go around the antrim coast! Great little fish places all around and you have to try a fry (UK breakfast)! Enjoy your trip!! Ireland is an amazing place 🙂


So exciting! You must go to the Aran Islands (off the coast of Galway, which is also a must!). The islands are honestly magical and filled with gorgeous views and fascinating history. I went all over Ireland a few years ago and it was hands-down my favorite place!

M Personally

I don't have any suggestions as to where to go, but your trip itinerary just might serve as a must see list when I go (hopefully) next Christmas!

Mary Higgins

Ireland is amazing! My parents are from there and we still have all of our family there, so we spend a month in Ireland every summer. It is truly magical, and you're bound to have a great time! Bring an umbrella!!


I have been to Ireland over 10 times in 5 years. My fiancé is from Dublin so I visit him and future in laws a lot. I enjoy cliff walking in Howth…you can find nature made hotubs/pools. I love Visiting Ring of Kerry, Torc waterfall is gorgeous, Kilkenny is beautiful, Fungie the Dolphin is in Dingle. If you are interested in scenery from movies then go to Wicklow mountains, Cliff of Moher is beautiful but popular suicide place :/…. Aran Islands are great. I can give you more info if you want beautiful local non tourism attractions. I would skip Blarney Stone unless you want to look like typical American. There's a village town with homemade Baileys ice cream only place in Ireland to get it. 🙂


Carly, y'all are going to LOVE Ireland! I went to Dublin my senior year and it was one of the most enjoyable trips I've ever taken! The people in Ireland are SO friendly and the landscapes and scenery are beautiful. With that said, here are my recommendations that you wouldn't regret 🙂 1) The Downhill Demesne and Hezlett House. When we went, there were sheep running all around the property which made for some fun photo opps chasing them! ( Dunluce Castle (Built in the 1500's). The remains of the castle and the area surrounding it are BEAUTIFUL! 3) Giant's Causeway for obvious reasons! 4) The Carrick-A-Rede-Rope Bridge. Two takeaways…scary but worth the adrenaline rush! 5) If your a fan of the Titanic then try to stop by the Titanic Museum in Cobh Town; where the finally 100+ passengers boarded the ship! ( We didn't get to go but I've heard good things. There is also one in Belfast ( 6) Regarding food and drinks, make sure to go to The Bank on College Green for dinner. I also recommend Nancy Hands. The atmosphere is top notch and the drinks are delish! Oh, and The Brazen Head is the oldest pub in Ireland! 7) Graftson Street is fun to stroll and has good cafes for coffee. Hope this offers some good options! Can't wait to hear how your trip goes!

Hannah Denis

If you are planning on going to Killarney, (which I recommend you do) you HAVE to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the national park. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. I took a 3-day bus tour where we stopped in Killarney and Ennis our 2 nights. One of the most amazing stops along the way was the Dingle Penninsula- the drive to get there is rated one of the top scenic views of the world by National Geographic- it is amazing. We stopped at Coumeenoole beach (County Kerry). If you dip your toes in the water at the beach, it is said you leave part of your soul and have to return 10 years later to retrieve it.

Emma Adriaens

For an amazing B&B check out Longueville House in County Mallow:‎
My husband and I stayed her for our honeymoon. We were able to do some trap shooting, horseback riding, got a tour of the grounds by the groundskeeper, and enjoyed all their amazing Farm-to-Table food. Such an amazing B&B, I can't recommend it enough.


The Bank for brunch in Dublin. FX Buckley for dinner in Dublin. Guinness of course!

Cliffs of Moher- hope for a clear day!

Dingle is the best hidden gem on the SW coast- small fishing village. Stay at Heaton's guesthouse- cutest family run B&B and BEST breakfast. Chowder's for lunch. Doyle's for dinner and the BEST sticky toffee pudding! Fun little local pubs- Moriarity's for music. Drive the Dingle Peninsula.

Killarney- Ross Castle and either hike or take a jaunting cart (super touristy) through the Gap of Dunloe. Make sure to eat a Boxty and chowder/soda bread at Bricin's.


You must see the Cliffs of Moher, without a doubt! The most breathtaking site I've ever seen! I can't echo the other recommendations to see it enough! When you go there, be sure to check out Galway. It's such a neat city with lots to do, and lots of great pubs! It was a great place to stay when we went to the cliffs. So many cute little shops there, too! And the perfect place to get a Claddagh ring, as that's the area that they originate! (Claddagh was a small fishing village that eventually became a part of Galway.)

Dublin has so many excellent pubs, as well! Be sure to check out the Brazen Head there – it's Ireland's oldest pub, over 1000 years old! It's neat to eat in a place like that! Guinness is such a cool experience there, too!

Be sure to visit all of the cathedrals and castles that you possibly can! They're all so incredible and breathtaking!

Florence Breuvart

Hi! I am French and I have been living in Dublin for a year and a half now and Ireland is really beautiful. Here are a few recomendations:

In Dublin:
– The doors around Meryon Square are perfect for pictures of outfit 😉
– Trinity College and the Guiness Factory are the 2 must-do
– Good food: Considered Cafe, Hatch and sons, 3fe, Fumbally, brother hubard.
– Shopping: you have to go to avoca. BEST SHOP EVER. There is one in Dublin but they have locations all around Ireland.

West of Ireland:
The Connemara region is my favorite with scenic montains and lakes. You can go for a hike in Connamara National Park. You have to stop at Kilemore abbey for a Downton Abbey experence 🙂
Dog bay et Gurteen Beach are 2 beautiful clear water beaches. And if you have time drive along the sky road (epic sunsets).
Best Hotel (also good for hight tea): Ashford Castle

North of Ireland:
The drive along the coast from Belfast to Giant Causeway is absolutely gorgeous.
If you are a Game of Throne fan you have to stop at the Dark Hedge road. `
Giant Causeway is really crowded but really beautiful (go at the end of the day, after 5pm).
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is a really fun experience.

Slieve League cliffs are beautiful and not that famous so not too crowded.

South East:
Cliffs of Moher are usually crowded but really beautiful (go there early to avoid the crowd).
The Kerry region is really beautiful.

Lexie Ladd

First off I am so excited for you that you are going to Ireland! I studied abroad in Galway and absolutely loved it!!

Here is a blog that I kept during my time while I studied abroad, and there are a few posts about Ireland.

Here were some of the restaurants that I loved in Galway
– McDonagh's (it has the best fish and chips ever!)
– Pizza Pasta (The pizza here is so good and it's only 3 euro)
– Dail Bar (This was hands down one of my favorite restaurants in Galway. I think we went at least once a week)
– Ard Bia (It's kind of off of the beaten path but the food is amazing!)

Pubs to go to:
– The Quay's (It has great live music every night at 10. There was lots of traditional music and dancing all the time there)
– The King's Head (Lot's love live music and Irish cover bands)
– Taffee's (It is a pretty small pub, but filled with locals)
– Monroes (If you are in Galway on a Tuesday you should totally go here. They have traditional Irish dancing every Tuesday. They have a group of old Irish people who still remember all the set dances from the olden days. We went every Tuesday and it is one of my favorite memories from Ireland)

As for shopping, you can literally just walk down Shoppe Street in Galway. That is where most of the restaurants and pubs are in Galway. There are so many cute shops, clothing stores, and coffee places!

As for other places in Ireland
– Cliffs of Moher/ Connemara
– Dublin
– Donegal
– Cork
– Aran Islands
– Dingle
– Killarney

Colleen B

Hey Carly! I just saw your snapchat that you were browsing these suggestions, and 100% visit the Cliffs of Moher. You won't be disappointed! Although Blarney is very touristy, the house and gardens are nice and the house tour is incredible! You get a lot of history on the MacCarthy family, who opens their home over the summer for tours (if you are there in June you won't want to miss out). The women who give the tours are the sweetest and Blarney Woolen Mills is a great gift shop. Another suggestion I have is Kinsale in County Cork. My family is from Cork City so I might be biased but I think that you would absolutely LOVE it. It is on the water and there is tons of sailboats and the whole area is perfect for photos 🙂 The Blue Haven restaurant in Kinsale has excellent fish and chips, too. If you're in Cork City stop by Fitzgerald park and Daly's or, as I call it, the Shaky bridge. Very cute for pictures and also is right by University College Cork that has a nice museum and the university has the largest collection of Ogham Stones on display. Last but not least, if you have the opportunity you need to go out to Skellig Michael. It will push you out of your comfort zone but the views and history are an opportunity you won't want to miss! I am so glad I decided to push myself to go last summer. If you're lucky you will also see some puffins 🙂 Ireland is a phenomenal country and you will LOVE it! Have the best time!

Megan Bos

Dublin was one of my favorite cities when I studied abroad! Most people have covered awesome suggestions already – my friends and I were obsessed with this place called Rick's burger in Dublin ( we may have eaten there three times in three days) Looking at it now it has fairly decent ratings (but not great lol), so I'm not sure if it was the three months of Spanish food and we were craving just any burger – but still in my memory the best I've ever had!

Amy Catherine

Hi Carly! I'm currently studying in Dublin, Ireland is an amazing country! While you're in Dublin you should definitely get to Avoca – it's a beautiful homegoods shop with an amazing cafe on the top floor that's perfect for brunch! Also I totally recommend checking out The Liquor Rooms in Temple Bar. Reminds me of a New York speakeasy with a definite european twist, plus the drinks are SO fun (I recommend the Gold Rush Fizz)! There's also JW Sweetmans right near O'Connell bridge for great live music and craft beer. There's really no wrong choices! Enjoy your trip 🙂

Kelly Ann Moore

Hi Carley, just seeing now that your are visiting 🙂 Im sure you cannot wait!! I notice a lot of people are telling you places in the south of Ireland but I'm going to put my 2 pence in for the good old north, especially Belfast – my hometown!!

Please give us a look in! It has so much to offer you really will be disappointments did you don't!! If inbelfast visit a Deanes Restaurant especially Deanes EIPIC – outstanding!! Port rush is beautiful and especially in June!! Limepark Cottages are very quint and cute – think you will love it!!

If you need any other ideas or a tour guide let me know 🙂


Kelly Ann

Sara Grove

I recently came back from studying abroad and visited Ireland while I was in Europe! Make sure you go to the Cliffs of Moher (we were staying in Dublin so we used the Paddywagon tour company) and in Dublin we did a free walking tour which was great, went to the Trinity Library (do this), and The Temple Bar area is fun for tourists and there's an actual bar called The Temple Bar also which was so much fun! We toured Guinness which was neat but I didn't like the beer. Ireland was a beautiful country and you will love it! Just make sure you don't fall in the mud at the Cliffs of Moher like I did!