It’s a Blizzard, Harry!

Soooo… I really thought we weren’t going to get any snow this weekend. I thought it was all hype! And then the forecast seemed to shift a bit more north and wouldn’t you know, we got a ton of snow. I am definitely happy about it now, but I know that this means we’ll have snow on the ground for quite some time.
After a slow morning (watching movies on TV, eating cinnamon rolls, breaking out the coloring books), we decided to bundle up and go outdoors for a little bit. I thought I would go crazy if we spent the entire day inside, and Teddy too. We drove to a park with tons of open space and just romped around a little bit.
I’ve never seen Teddy so happy. Why are dogs leaping through snow so cute?!

I couldn’t believe how fast the snow was accumulating. I was watching from the window most of the day and was checking on the lawn chairs to see how much more had fallen.

The first taste of pristine snow!

We ran back and forth on this giant field for about fifteen minutes before we all needed to warm up.
^^ Capturing the glory of a puppy running through snow on Snapchat!
I think that may be my favorite photo of Teddy and me of all time. I want to frame the whole batch, but I’ll settle for doing just this one. The flying ears, chunky puppy thighs, and the world’s chicest dog coat. (LoveMyDog sent Teddy this coat this fall and it’s beyond precious. I mean, it’s nicer than most of my own coats.) 
If we had any longer, I think he would have been completely buried in the snow. 

My little snow pup! And then we were off to the car with the heat blasting and heat seaters cranking. Although he typically hates the car, Teddy was totally content to let us wrap him up in a big towel to warm him up and dry him off before we hit the road again. (But he was definitely under the impression that we were going back out into the snow. Sorry bud.)

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I'm in NYC and was CONVINCED everyone was being dramatic about the snow. I didn't believe it until I woke up to 2 feet of snow! Teddy is such a precious pup and those photos are adorable 🙂