Teddy in Connecticut

It’s been a while since I did an update on Teddy. I was actually thinking about how different, and better, life feels since we moved out of the city. It wasn’t just a change for Garrett and me, it was absolutely a huge change for Teddy too.
The hardest adjustment for the little guy was probably the change of noise. In NYC, there was a constant stream of loud noises: sirens, neighbors, car horns, etc. It almost served as white noise though and we were all used to it. When we first moved into our new apartment it was unbelievably quiet compared to what we were used to. I thought it felt like heaven, but for Teddy now noises stood out and felt new. Someone walking by the apartment? Air conditioning turning on? Even the printer powering up to life? Yep. They all freaked him out. It took a solid few months for him to get used to these sporadic noises!
Driving is also a change that Teddy hasn’t loved. He had taken a few cab rides as a puppy (to the airport mostly) and would take short drives while traveling in Florida… but he was not used to driving. To say he hates it would be an understatement. The only time he’s okay with a car ride is when he’s exhausted, so if we have to go for a long drive, you better believe that we’re at the dog park or beach running him around for hours. It’s not fun. I’m hoping it gets better over time.
Now for the fun stuff?
We spend so much more time outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, we loved our Central Park off-leash strolls, but the space and freedom we have out here are unparalleled. We found an amazing dog park pretty much as soon as we moved here. Where Central Park was huge, I did get nervous a lot knowing there were bicyclists in their own world and many, many roads that popped out of nowhere. This park is fenced in and very secure, and we have never gone and not found another dog to play with. That’s the only car ride Teddy doesn’t completely hate… he gets pumped up knowing we’re heading to the park.

The beach has also become a favorite spot of ours. There are only a few short months when dogs are allowed and you better believe I plan on taking advantage of the open days as much as possible. If Teddy loves the dog park, then he is head over heels for the beach. He sprints to the water to go for a little dip, no matter the temperature. Selfishly, I find it the absolute best to watch. Whenever I’m having a bad day or feeling overwhelmed, it’s the perfect cure. And Teddy gets a workout in, it’s a win/win.
When we moved out of the city I was super sad to leave behind two things: my favorite yoga studio and Teddy’s groomer (where he also boarded when we went out of town). The groomer was such a neighborhood gem and Teddy truly loved them. A week after the big move, we had a week long trip planned and we actually drove Teddy into the city so he could stay with his pals. Convenient? No. But I was super nervous. Fortunately, there are tons of dogs in our town and with that great resources for pets and pet owners. I ended up finding a great spot for Teddy when we travel and another place for grooming. That was a huge relief for me!! Now it’s a two minute drive to drop him off and he is always crazy excited to go play! (He barely turns around to say goodbye!)
On just about every level, I feel like moving was the best decision. Gar and I are both so happy with the decision and if Teddy could talk, I know he’d agree too. I think back to how little I knew and just how overwhelmed I was when I first got Teddy and am so thankful I made it work. Teddy is such a joy and truly brings heaps of happiness into my life everyday. 
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Angela and Amy

Love this post, I'm so glad Teddy is loving his new home just as much as you do! I love these little updates from him, hes too cute! He and my pup would be BFFS if they ever met, lol!
-Angela & Amy

Heather Bien

One of my best friends went through the same experience when she moved with a cockapoo from Manhattan to DC. He struggled so much with the constant lack of street noise… it's crazy how peace and quiet can have the reverse effect on a city dog!

Pineapples and Pearls

Erin Fairchild

Teddy is such a cutie! It's so funny because most suburban dogs love car rides, but I guess if you don't get used to it as a puppy in the city it would be scary!

Her Heartland Soul

Caitlin M.

I'm going through the same transition with my dog! We moved from Chicago to a smaller, quieter town a few months ago and he had the same reaction to the quiet and to car rides as Teddy does. Who would think a dog would hate going in the car?
So glad you're happy about your move and that everything is going well!

xx, Caitlin

Sarah Daly

It looks like Teddy is having a fabulous time! Next time you're in town let me know and we can have a Teddy-Susie play date at the Davis Island Dog Beach 🙂