For some, it’s time to start preparing for school.  For other’s, summer is completely over and you’re back into the swing of things.  Whether your days are numbered or the dog days are truly over, it’s time to start finding the perfect watch.  
I read this article a while ago that was trying to teach parents how to seem younger.  One of the tips was for adults to ditch their watch.  Um, sorry… but I’m going to have to disagree with them on that one!  Watches are definitely becoming more and more popular with our generation.  In fact, some fashion bloggers have been doubling up on timepieces.
I will admit, sometimes I forget that I’m wearing a watch and will find myself checking the time on my phone instead.  The watch is definitely an accessory.  However, watches serve a useful purpose when you’re in class.
I am one of those students who actually turns her phone off during class and most of my classes ban laptop use.  There is usually a clock in the classroom, but it’s always on the back wall.  It’s so awkward when you turn around to look at the clock and the professor catches you.  Not to mention the rudeness factor.
When in class, cell phones really should be turned off (not just on silent or vibrate).  Wearing a watch to class has at least two benefits: a discreet way of knowing how many more minutes are left in class and creating a perfect stack.  Michael Kors makes great watches that are very popular among college girls, but Anne Klein watches are very similar and more affordable.

Do you wear Michael Kors watches?  Are you a fan of the Anne Klein styles and prices?

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my michael kors is my everyday go to! love it more than anythin
mines silver with swavorski medium sized face im thinking about investing in a gold one so i dont have to leave my house watchless when i wear my gold jewelery!!


I don't have a watch but need one right now very badly… I'm SO excited for the Anne Klein suggestion! Now I'm just deciding between a completely gold one and a two-tone one. 🙂

Bracey Pate

After watching The Blind Side, I had to get a white watch! I searched everywhere and could only find them at Fossil. Luckily, they had one on sale for under $100. Now white watches are everywhere for every price!

I just recently bought a gold watch on sale for $20!! I love it!

Great post!

The City Boy

completely agree that a watch is an accessory. I find myself treating it as that pretty often (checking my phone instead). Either way, I wouldnt go to class without it!


I personally LOVE my Fossil watch…It was relatively inexpensive and is super durable. I wear it with EVERYTHING!

katie lake

My dad boght me an Anne Klein watch when I was 16 years old. 11 years later I still love it and it still works perfectly. I am currenly wearing a large chunky silver watch from fossil with crystal studs around the face.


I have the Anne Klein tortoise shell and love it so much! Goes with almost everything! So happy to see this blog.


I actually bought the tortoise Anne Klein watch, but it looks a bit different in person 🙁 I guess I'll keep holding out for the MK!

american girl

they're all so pretty!
although I have to admit, I do like a couple of the Anne Klein ones a bit more…specifically the last two. I like the jewel accents on the faces.