I consider myself a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to J. Crew dresses. Because of the nature of what I do for a living, I am always trying to figure out what the “best buys” of the season are going to be. Trust me when I say: this smocked gingham dress is it. J. Crew has to know they have a great style on their hands because it’s available in three prints right now: this navy gingham, a dusty rose floral, and a (new) block print style.

J.Crew Smocked Gingham Dress

J.Crew Smocked Gingham Dress

love this length too. As much as I’m trying to avoid tanning and self-tanner and just trying to love my skin for what it is, my legs are quite pale and probably my biggest insecurity. I like that the dress gives great coverage.

And you don’t need me to tell you how appreciative I am of smocked dresses this year…. but here I am to tell you again: I am so thankful for smocked dresses. This is pretty tight smocking so it gives a great supportive fit. I went up a size for the bump, but I’d say it runs perfectly true to size otherwise. (Oh, and the straps are adjustable, which I really appreciate too!)

J.Crew Smocked Gingham Dress J.Crew Smocked Gingham Dress

Superga sneakers

I forgot how great clean, fresh Superga sneakers are. I wore my last pair into the ground. Seriously, they had holes and I couldn’t even keep them for work sneakers they had fallen apart at the seams. Very, very well-loved. I can’t seem to stop wearing the new pair now. With dresses, jeans, and everything in between.

If you’re looking for comfortable no-show socks, I’ve been wearing these little guys and they are hidden in the sneakers perfectly.

bump-friendly smocked dress

bump-friendly dress

Dress // Handbag (c/o) // Sneakers // Earrings (c/o)


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Would you mind sharing your go-to strapless bra that you wear with this dress? I can never find a not annoying strapless bra. Thanks!

H. Job

You are glowing!!
You look healthy, happy and adorable.
The dress isn’t bad, either. 😁


I have been eyeing this dress! It looks so cute on I may have to order it hah. There is no such thing as too much gingham in your closet!!