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This was a great week mixed with work and pleasure. The only negative is that I have been getting crushed by allergies this year and I have been experiencing some pretty terrible pregnancy-related reflux, so I have been getting sick almost every night when I try to fall asleep. It’s fun 😜 My outfits for home last week were largely dictated by my allergies and not feeling 100%…. I almost put on different outfits just for photos for this post because I was embarrassed and wondered if I’d be judged for more yoga pants, but here’s the thing: this is really what I wore!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: Mike and I booked a staycation in NYC this past weekend and it was absolutely perfect. We have had our eyes on this trip for a while and I’m so happy we were able to pull it off. We are so lucky we can get in our car and be in the lobby of a hotel in NYC in under 45 minutes! Such a blast.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: I’m heading back down to Florida this weekend because my mom’s friends are throwing me a baby shower! My biggest “goal” before I go is to get some of the nursery logistics out of the way. Setting up. It’s definitely the least exciting chore but I’ll be happy when everything is booked and coordinated so I can make some more headway on it.


striped shirt and jeans | WEEK OF OUTFITS 5.18.21


Very standard day for me on Tuesday. Got photos ready for the blog, shot a couple of campaigns, and just did general catching up on my computer. This was the first day where allergies were hitting me hard and I was also moody AF from pregnancy. Everything and everyone was driving me nuts, haha.




Earrings (c/o)

white long sleeve top | WEEK OF OUTFITS 5.18.21


Other than volunteering and I’m sure working, I have really no recollection of what I did Wednesday…. Uneventful is never bad as far as I’m concerned though.




pregnancy mirror selfie


I felt *so* bad on Thursday. Between the pollen and a pinched nerve, I was just trying to get to the end of the day in one piece. I had all these plans to work out and put on a cute outfit, maybe do a working lunch out somewhere with my laptop. But nope. This was the best I could do.



white and navy dress | WEEK OF OUTFITS 5.18.21


Mike and I worked until early afternoon and then we popped into the car to drive into the city for our staycation. We checked into the hotel and had an early dinner reservation at Jungsik. I bought this dress a few years ago and have always struggled to feel confident in it. Funny enough, I feel like it fits my frame so much better with the pregnancy curves!

Similar dress

Shoes (c/o)

Bow slipper


We had a pretty low-key day planned for Saturday. Had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, walked around, did a tiny bit of shopping, got massages at the hotel, and then a fantastic dinner at Atera.



smocked gingham dress


We met up with a couple of Mike’s friends for brunch and then had an equally relaxing day in the city!

Dress (See post here)


striped dress


We left the hotel pretty early so we could hit the ground running for Monday morning. I’m glad we spent the night on Sunday– it definitely made it feel like we had a full weekend and we were both ready for work without a hitch!

Similar dress 


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Christine S.

Acid reflux and allergies have been killing me too lately. Seriously sucks. I hate that you have to deal with that on top of being pregnant!

Georgia Grainger

You look so cute, never worry about too many yoga pants or comfy clothes while pregnant-especially in the summer months!! The dresses are super cute. I wanted to share my savior for reflux while pregnant, you may already know but the chewy Tums were amazing. They don’t leave the chalky taste in your mouth like regular Tums and for me the worked much much better. Hope that helps!


I second the chewy tums! I was going to mention those and saw them in the comments below. Saved me while pregnant.


Unsolicited advice (since you don’t get enough of that haha): chewy Tums and sleeping propped up on 4 pillows were the winning combo for me when dealing with bad pregnancy reflux. Hope you get some relief!


Glad you got to get away! We are always overwhelmed by restaurant choices when visiting NYC so will check out the ones you listed. Any others to recommend?