I realized a bit ago how I hadn’t been listening to a lot of music. If I’m in my car or walking or even just doing chores around the house, I always have an audiobook going. And I have been working with the news on if I’m downstairs or silence if I’m upstairs. I was missing my music!!

This playlist is just under an hour, which makes it ideal (in my opinion) for working. I usually play it all the way through and then when it gets back to the beginning, I know it’s time for a break. Even if it’s just to stretch my legs or refill my water bottle– it’s a nice, timely reminder to stand up.


PLAYLIST NO.29 | coffee cups

As always, the playlist is a bit of everything. I like to add songs as I hear them– whether it’s a song I loved during a Peloton ride, something I overheard in a coffee shop, or the soundtrack in the background of a commercial.

You can listen to the playlist with the widget below, or on Spotify.

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